Splynx integration with Stripe

Splynx has a wide range of payment options for your customers. Apart from local payment systems such as Payrix for Australia, or Netcash for the African market, Splynx also integrates with international payment systems such as Stripe, Paypal, etc.

Splynx supports 20 payment gateways, check them out: ‘Payment gateways’. 

We provide a plug-and-play add-on that connects customers, invoices, and payments with the Stripe payment platform. Customers who opt for Stripe can pay their invoices with a credit card in the ‘Portal’ (where all information about the client is stored) or be charged a debit order fee.

To find out more about Splynx integrations with Stripe and how to configure the add-on, go to the knowledge base.

Once the setup is completed, Splynx starts creating monthly invoices and automatically sends them to the customer’s email and to the customer’s portal. On the customer’s side, the payment is pretty easy — a customer goes to ‘Finance’ → ‘Invoices’, then clicks the ‘Credit card’ icon and hits the ‘Pay with card’ button. That’s it.

Pay invoice in Splynx via Stripe gateway