Make cybersecurity your competitive advantage

Free your ISP network of user-generated security issues with protective on-premise DNS resolver

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Born to protect and accelerate

Let us introduce the Whalebone Peacemaker - solution to help ISPs stand out from the competition by providing a reliable Internet connection and fast, secure browsing with a full-featured, on-premise, secure DNS resolver.

The security aspect we provide streamlines the network, saves time and money as they no longer need to address user-generated security issues. It is a zero-failure security solution, so it improves users experience and strengthens relationship between ISP and itʼs customer.

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Product overview & integration with Splynx

By using Peacemaker and Splynx in complex you meet 2 key points:

Improved customer experience by visibility and understanding what is happening inside of your network.

You get the full overview in your Splynx account. Just open DNS threats in Network tab and choose a period. You will see full info about network traffic.
In whalebone itself you will not have information about client. But using integration Splynx allows you to see all customers, their services and details about their traffic and categories of blocked threads. Splynx shows you immideatly which customer got the issues. You can open the customers list and have a look on DNS security for each. It gives you information about actions, domains and categories of threats we blocked

Set additional security services

Via Whalebone and Splynx integration you may create and sell additional service, determine it’s price depend on region and customer. As an example, Splynx enables to bring 2 SSIDs for the secure Internet service. First one is secure network for your customers get for themselves without installing any additional software or antivirus. And the second one is the one with content filtering. You may go to your Whalebone account and configure content filtering for the second network. You are able to define the severity of content filtering as well as add you own domains that should be blocked. This option is popular for kids network with parental control.

Technical specifications

Flexible architecture: On-premise, hybrid, or cloud deployments enable flexible and simple integration to any network.

Fully customizable DNS Resolver: The caching recursive DNS resolver is fully configurable and conforms to the latest standards. Its out-of-the-box ability to serve both IPv4 and IPv6 while strictly validating DNSSEC makes it a favorite among network administrators.

Encrypted DNS: The full range of services can be offered seamlessly over encrypted DNS protocols such as DNS over TLS (DoT) and DNS over HTTPS (DoH).

Low HW requirements: 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD.

Intuitive and practical GUI of the Admin Portal.

Anycast: We suggest deploying Whalebone with Anycast routing.

Implementation process

Get a precise understanding of what Whalebone is about - request an individual demo.

Create a VM with very low HW requirements – 2 CPU cores, 4 GB RAM, 40 GB HDD

Our engineer installs Peacemaker and assists you to forward DNS traffic to Whalebone resolvers

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Make your ISP network secure, fast, and stable

<1 h

is all it takes to implement Whalebone Peacemaker

150 000

malicious domains are added to our AI-based threat intelligence daily

7 000 000

domains is a total number of active malicious domains in our database

What will you get


Safe network without incidents

No more abuse alerts, IP blacklisting, limitation of services, slow traffic. All of that goes away.


On-premise DNS resolver

Superior DNS resolver will add a security layer over your DNS resolution and make it even faster.


Content filtering

Comply with local regulatory restrictions, filter traffic yourself, or offer content & parental control to your customers.


Traffic under control

Visibility up to the level of the local IP address. You’ll have a deeper understanding of what’s going on in your network and quickly fix potential issues.


Optimised costs and benefits

You will decrease network management costs without complaints or hassles and will have possibilities to offer wider range of services to your users at the same time.

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Make your ISP stand out


Provide the best customer experience by securing the entire network and distinguish yourself from the competitors.


Offer additional security services and content filtering to your end-customers and set additional revenue flow.

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How does it work to your end users?

Phishing email example | Cybersecurity for ISPs

Your customer might land on a malicious page without protection. Peacemaker blocks all security threats.

Blocking page displayed in the browser before accessing the website, so your customers will be aware about security risks.

Example of Whalebone blocking page | Cybersecurity for ISPs