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Manage Your Network with Splynx ISP Framework


Industry-leading features and technology

Auto Configuration Server

One of the most important points of Splynx Network Management system is ACS. Auto configuration server that is built with support of TR-069 protocol.

Auto Configuration Server

One of the most important points of Splynx Network Management system is ACS. Auto configuration server that is built with support of TR-069 protocol.


Powerful, fully customisable RADIUS server is part of Splynx NMS. It easily configurable and has many extended features.

IP Adress Management

IPAM is an important tool for any IT company. Splynx IPAM supports both IPv4 and IPv6, it improves the overview of your network and is fully integrated with ACS and Radius servers.

Monitoring & Backups

Splynx will immediately notify you and your team in case any device goes down. We also backup your system and network configuration every 6 hours to always keep you on a safe side.

See Splynx in action

This short video displays how Splynx can be used to optimize your network management.

With Splynx You Can...

  • Simplify Device Provisioning with ACS

    Splynx ACS server allows auto-provision CPEs and end-user devices. Splynx also brings you a simple way how to manage all these devices without logging directly into their management interface.

  • Perform Firmware Upgrades and Backups

    ACS server allows firmware upgrade and central device configuration, our SSH backup tool allows to backup any device and also track the changes in configurations.

  • Monitor Devices

    Splynx has SNMP monitoring that notifies you in case of equipment failure. Network weathermaps show you a live network topology and the status of all links.

  • Configure own RADIUS server

    Splynx Radius server enables you to manage centrally your administrative access to the network, authentication of customers, automatic blocking of non-payers, and getting the statistics of data usage.

  • Manage IP addresses

    Have a complete overview of all the IP Addresses in your network and effectively manage your IP space, including your IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

  • Connect 3d party systems via API

    With REST API available, Splynx enables you to create and connect new modules. We have available modules for Huawei OLT management, Mikrotik queue bandwidth control, Preseem QoE, and Whalebone secure DNS platforms.

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Use Cases

Splynx allows to manage the network centrally in a modern way, reducing amount of time spent on manual tasks

Skywire, South Africa

After migration to Splynx, Skywire got one central platform that eliminated manual management of LTE authentication and bandwidth management. Splynx provided central IP address management, equipment tracking and map of the network. Administrators reduced the time to provision one customer in three times compared to what was before Splynx deployment.

Canfone, Canada

Canfone was looking for a solution to manage Mikrotik routers, that they deploy in the network of wholesale DSL operator.

Splynx offered Canfone a solution to manage their CPE devices - to block non-payers, manage Wi-Fi access, monitor usage. As a result, the client achieved better management of customer routers for suspension and remote access via the OVPN network for CPE management.

Mind the Speed, South Africa

Flexible Splynx Radius server replaced the previous solution. The migration to Splynx gave the possibility to create multiple realm and API customisations that allowed very flexible way of customers authentication via different location, fiber partners and resellers.

Fitel Network, Spain

The Fitel Network was optimised by deploying Splynx ISP billing system, redesigning the core network that allowed 10G throughput, registering AS and IPv4 address space that provided independent BGP connections.
Splynx Huawei OLT management and ACS server were deployed in the network to reduce the provisioning time of new fiber customers.

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