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Skywire, South Africa

Reduced the time to connect a customer in two times and completely eliminated manual mistakes

"We had manual management of LTE authentication and bandwidth management for Wireless and DSL lines. After migration to Splynx, we got one central platform that resolved these tasks and provided us central IP address management, equipment tracking and map of the network. Now we have reduced the time for provision one customer two or three times compared to what was before Splynx deployment."

Jaco Visagie, Director

Wireless Nation, New Zealand

Enabled growth, eliminated the requirement to build own inhouse software

"One of the key aspects of our business was always our management software. Our company was developing own in house solution for a long time that matched exactly our needs and processes. But in certain point we found that support and further development is inefficient and decided to move to commercial platform. Splynx delivered us custom modules and development took around 3-4 month in total. And then it took one month to migrate all our business processes and customer to the Splynx platform.“

Andeas Derleth, CEO

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Easyweb, South Africa

Month-end takes one hour now compared to three days or more before Splynx.

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Mymanga Networks, Kenya

Automation has allowed all employees to focus on their tasks and grow the company in a streamlined way.

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Khula Tech Solutions logo-min

Khula Tech Solutions, South Africa

The company has grown to have almost 500 clients in less than 3 years, and grew by almost 300% from when it started.

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THDtel logo

THDtel, Saint Martin

Splynx interface provides all the information to help customers in case of an outage. We stopped wasting time looking via 3 or 4 different tools.

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Citi tech logo

Citi Tech, South Africa

Provided a better service offering to customers.

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Ghostfibre logo

Ghostfibre, South Africa

Having one system to manage everything saves a ton of time and gives space to focus on sales, support and marketing.

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Raajje Online logo

Raajje Online’s, Maldives

Gained a more precise bandwidth control on the customer base with better designed packages. Apart from that, the billing system has gone almost automated -- pre...

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High Tide Group logo

High Tide Group, United Kingdom

Removed almost all the billing errors. Started the deployment of the ISP part of the business, and Splynx gives a good foundation and structure to work to.

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AU Wireless logo

AU Wireless, United States

Almost a 50% reduction in recurring costs.

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RTS logo

RTSnet Pty Ltd, South Africa

The billing system, as well as client management, has improved dramatically because bookkeeping is automatically being updated daily by Splynx.

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Wireless Nation logo

Wireless Nation, New Zealand

Enabled growth and eliminated the requirement to build a software team inhouse.

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CalpeNetworks logo

Calpenetworks SL, Spain

Automation of billing and recurring payments, also the improvement of PPPOE connection and tariffication.

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Qwireless logo

QWireless, Italy

The ability to have a multi-user interface with permissions to resellers and partners boosted new installations.

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Fitel Network logo

Fitel Network, Spain

Grew x2 in one year because of the correct processes and software.

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The Computer Shop logo

The Computer Shop, South Africa

All business processes are in one place. Workflow is much more efficient now, support people have immediate access to all client details and support tickets are...

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Liberty-i logo

Liberty iZone Ltd, United Kingdom

Streamlined the way they setup and onboard new customers, billing has improved so they no longer miss bills and less manual involvement compared to the old syst...

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Country connect logo

Country Connect Ltd, United Kingdom

Grown from a small WISP into a full ISP building FTTP.

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WaveX logo

Wavex ISP, Kenya

Communication with clients has become more transparent.

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NFI WIFI, South Africa

Spend less time in front of the computer because it's easy to manage network and integrate with the accounting system.

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Touch IT Networks logo

Touch IT Networks, Eswatini

Preserved the peace of mind, as the customer base increased.

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Converged logo

Converged Technology Networks, Malawi

Automated customer onboarding and customer relationship management in general.

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Express hosting Africa logo

Express Hosting, South Africa

All areas from management to billing were made much easier. The automated system allowed to focus on the points that are necessary.

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Connected Australia logo

Connected Australia, Australia

Have a better more simple system with a bunch of features that allow moving forward more efficiently.

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Marykirk.com logo

Marykirk Com, United Kingdom

Far simpler customer management, and far better customer monitoring.

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Dreamnet logo

Dreamnet Pty Ltd, South Africa

Splynx is stable and works seamlessly. The support is quick and to the point, with no hesitation.

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Triqa Wifi logo

Triqa WiFi, South Africa

Automated billing and gained much greater control of the network and clients.

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Infinet Broadband, Australia

Have a fully functional supported back-end system driving company's ISP.

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Infraplex logo

Infraplex Pty Ltd, South Africa

Implemented tight integration between billing and services and improved customer service.

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FTN’s ISP Management, Greece

Set up an accurate billing and automated message communication, like a big Telco provider.

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Nexus.net logo

Nexus Net, South Africa

Better client service, as a result, reduced admin load and troubleshooting of issues has become much easier.

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Baremetal logo

Baremetal Computer Traders, South Africa

Improved the financial side of the company and billing. Previously, the managers had to send out the invoices manually, but now it's just a button click away.

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Rural Wireless logo

Rural Wireless, New Zealand

The old system required a lot more manual record-keeping on spreadsheets, paper documents, and duplicate data entry. Splynx now takes care of this in one simple...

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IPtelco logo

IP Telco, Australia

Primarily started out as a way to manage WISP customers, moved into consumer-grade PPPoE clients on the NBN network and managed fibre services.

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Skytrend networks logo

Skytrend Networks, Kenya

Improved customer management by blocking those customers who are late with payment.

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AfriQ logo

Afriq Network Solutions Ltd, Kenya

AfriQ Network Solutions Ltd ... Forgot about manual payment reconciliation, manual disconnection, and reconnection, and focused more on onboarding and customers...

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Crisp Wireless logo

Crisp Wireless ISP, Australia

With an opportunity to do more from within Splynx, the time required to manage customer needs has changed a lot.

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Mawingu Networks logo

Mawingu Networks, Kenya

Streamlined billing, provisioning, CRM processes, and workflows thereby eliminating human errors, increasing efficiency by reducing the time taken to carry out ...

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Vispa logo

Vispa, United Kingdom

Automated the usage and top-up functions and reduced customer tickets.

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