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Splynx Framework – billing and management for ISP

Splynx is a ISP billing software framework created for Internet service providers and network administrators.

Splynx provides many useful things as billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, client portal and many more. Main benefit is how the system can be customized – Splynx provides the easy way to create additional modules or integrate with 3rd party software solutions. This is achieved because of system design. Splynx is a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (API), that’s why we call it Framework. For administrator it means almost unlimited possibility to customize the software.

Use Splynx as your core element of the network ! Integrate it with your existing solutions and applications through Splynx Framework API and start building software defined network !

We support different vendors, some of their equipment you can connect through specific API, some you can manage using standard protocols or OpenFlow for building SDNs.




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