Splynx Pricing

We want to build long term partnership with Splynx customers, continuously develop and deliver a reliable solution. Our pricing is based on subscription.

Please contact us to discuss your requirements and get your license: https://splynx.com/get-started/

Below rates are for the full Splynx ISP Framework package including all public modules and add-ons.
Splynx licenses are always calculated in intervals of hundreds with a minimal license of 200 subscribers

The payment period is either quarterly or annually.

How we count active customers?

One active customer is limited to 4 active services. In case when the subscriber has 5th service, the system counts it as a new active subscriber to the license.

GPON addon counts active subscribers separately. If the active subscriber has a GPON Huawei provisioning service, he is counted as 2 subscribers.

Hotspot online vouchers are counted as active customers. It means that you can have 10K vouchers in DB,  in case, 100 hotspot users are online at the same time, then 100 subscription license is required.

Customer portal mobile application

The application if free for ISP’s customers. However, it is paid for Internet providers, the prices are subscription-based. 

The default version of the application is included on Splynx license fee.

The custom version of the application – 100 USD / month. The customization has a one-time production fee of 1000 USD. It is possible to white label the app by customizing the APP name, the icon, provider’s logo, provider URL  is predefined in the APP. Other customizations are not available. There is no need in Dev. account to post your custom app in Google Play or App Store.

What is included in paid subscription

  • Technical Support – 7 days in a week, 9-21:00 Central European Time
  • Frequent Software Updates
  • Full description of API structure and assistance in building custom modules

* Integration/deployment fee and POC fee are not included and are always based on the complexity of the project.

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