Splynx v3.2 Roadmap & Policy update

In our recent survey and customer feedback form, our clients shared their ideas for improving the product with us and provided their thoughts on its advantages and any improvements they think we can make. We would like to thank everyone who participated! You’ve provided us with great insight on how we can improve Splynx.

According to the UX Survey and feedback of ISPs, we were able to better determine our development strategy and finetune the improvements for the next release.

Our product is getting more advanced and versatile with every release, and as a result, our customers have noticed that several page loading speeds have become slower and the product becomes harder to understand and navigate in certain sections. This was the most prominent feedback from our customers.

Most of our customers also asked to focus on product usability rather than new features.

We have jointly decided to assign a large portion of our development resources to eliminate these inconveniences for you and your company in the next release. We have also prepared the product and the team so that we meet your needs in regards to product speed, usability, and readiness for the features you have requested and possibly even waited for for a long time. We appreciate your cooperation and we want to make the product more suitable for the growth of your business.

Therefore, here are our main goals for the Splynx v3.2 release:

  1. Improve the performance and usability of the product. In some modules, the page loading speed will be increased by up to 17 times.
  2.  The structuring of the product and its modules will be cleared up and simplified. We will also continue working on this in the v4.0 release.
  3. We will be improving the Billing flow in terms of adding new customers and in turn reducing the time this procedure takes by 50%.
  4. Several features which may be of interest to many of our customers will be implemented:Voice 3CX integration with CRM. Calls will be stored and linked to the lead’s/customer’s communication section with integration into Tickets.Traffic classes. Excluding certain networks from accounting.Netflow accounting. It will be possible to account for traffic with NetFlow.Blocked customer tracking. Easily find and activate blocked customers.

    Voice number pools. Ability to use ranges in Voice services.

  5. Better release control & automation testing of the product. We are unifying and standardizing the product even more. As a result, we expect up to 3 times fewer bugs in the initial beta release and every release after that.

Currently, the Beta release for v3.2 is scheduled for Oct 2021 followed by the commercial release in Nov/Dec 2021.

What about features you have requested in the past?
We continue to collect feedback on your ideas. We are preparing the v3.2 release and tuning it in such a way that new features will be much easier to implement in the following (v4.0) release.

Now would be a great time to see which of the features have received the most votes and vote for the new ones that you have not considered yet, here.
The feature requests that are in development for v3.2 can be seen in our roadmap here.

We’d also like to be more transparent in the process of implementing your current and new ideas.

Going forward new feature requests will be considered in the following 2 ways:

  1. Core – If the idea is consistent and relative to the core product functionality and it fits into the pre-defined priority structure. For example – in v3.2 a request to improve the Billing Flow was submitted, we then analyze all the ideas, detailed descriptions, and sub-tasks regarding this module or user path. We then check which of them are most in-demand by our customers and add them into our roadmap and development cycle for the current and next release. We will also notify the creator of the feature request along with anyone who submitted feedback on it and best of all – these feature requests/improvements will always be free to our customers.
  2. Customer-specific – If there is a certain feature or functionality that is critical for your business and you need it as soon as possible. You can always consider using our API and hire your developers to develop the add-on. Or, if it’s more convenient for you, request us to develop it for you. Here is our most recent pricing policy for the development and support of such custom development.

All add-ons, development, and support submitted to us with the deadline set to 3.2 are still ongoing and will be completed as agreed upon.

We will keep collecting more feedbacks from customers on personal meetings, allowing us to test prototypes in conjunction with our beta customers. This will enable us to simplify the product information architecture and create easier user paths/experiences going forward.