Meet Splynx team on WAPALOZA 2022

Day 1

The first day of the conference is in full swing. Participants have prepared their stands and are already welcoming visitors. Industry experts are sharing important discoveries and case studies, overviews of what is happening in global markets and what you need to do to not only survive in this new reality, but also thrive.  

From this point besides being a member of WAPA we are honoured to announce that our CEO, Alex Vishnyakov, will be a presenter on the 2nd day of the conference! 

What are we going to discuss with you

The topic that he will be speaking on is how to make your ISP successful in competing with large Telco’s and building a profitable business.

The main problem of wireless Internet providers is competition with giants – national providers of fiber optic and cellular networks. However, we are convinced that the correct definition of the needs of end users, efficiency of all processes, as well as reliable partnerships, can stimulate the development of small and medium-sized ISPs.

Poor quality of service is one of the most serious problems that determine the future of the market. And at the same time, this is an opportunity for WISPs to create more traction and more stickiness with their customers.

To stand out from telcos WISPs need to pay attention on 2 key points: save resources on business processes  automation and improve customer experience by providing additional services.

Day 2

The second day of the conference was no less eventful than the first one. We thank everyone who attended the presentation by Alex Vishnyakov, CEO of Splynx. As usual, there were heated discussions and many questions.


Some key points from Alex’s presentation:

  1. The main problem of wireless Internet providers is competition with telco.
  2. WISPs must focus on efficiency and automation in order to improve the customer experience.
  3. WISPs operate in the community where they can provide coverage and great community-focused solutions that customers are willing to pay for, creating an in-home advantage.

If you are visiting the conference we’ll be glad to meet on WAPALOZA 2022 and reply to your questions about Splynx solutions in person.


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