Highlights from March: Splynx team at ISP industry events

Connecting with industry peers and staying up-to-date with the latest trends and technologies is essential for businesses in the ISP industry. That’s why we at Splynx are always excited to attend and participate in industry events, showcasing our billing and network management solution and discussing new business opportunities with participants.

In March we had the opportunity to attend and participate in several industry events, and we are excited to share with you some highlights.

WAPA Western Cape Regional Event 2023

WAPA Western Cape Regional Event 2023


The WAPA Western Cape Regional Event 2023 was held in Stellenbosch on March 16th and provided an excellent opportunity for industry experts and professionals to come together and share their experiences, insights, and expertise. As the theme: “Survive and Thrive! Embrace the Future” continued, we presented how WISPs can leverage value-added services to drive a competitive edge and boost ARPU. The presentation focused on the importance of offering value-added services to customers, which not only increases revenue but also helps in building long-lasting customer relationships.

ZANOG 23 Plenary

ZANOG 23 Plenary

ZANOG is a community of industry experts with extensive work experience in ISPs, WISPs, and hosting companies who share a strong interest in Internet-related technologies. We were excited to showcase our latest network technologies and gain valuable insights into the industry.

The ZANOG 23 Plenary, held in Johannesburg from March 22-24, was a highly anticipated event in the ISP industry, and we were proud to be one of its sponsors. The plenary was a three-day marathon of tutorials and technical sessions, where industry experts shared their knowledge and expertise on various topics, including Mikrotik IPv6 deployment, Internet Opsec & Investigations, RPKI Tutorial, and much more.

ZANOG 23 Plenary

The event was an excellent opportunity for us to network with other industry experts and learn about the latest developments and trends in the ISP industry. As a community of experts with extensive work experience in ISPs, WISPs, and hosting companies, ZANOG provided a unique platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration.

UK WISPA Spring 2023 Members Meeting

UK WISPA Spring 2023 Members Meeting

The UK WISPA Spring 2023 Members Meeting, held in London on March 22-23, is an event organized by the UK Wireless Internet Service Providers Association. Our founder, Alex Vishnyakov, was among the conference speakers, sharing insights on the importance of choosing the right software for ISP business owners.

Some key takeaways from Alex´s presentation:

1. Various products adopt different approaches, each with pros and cons.
2. Continuous software development is an ongoing process that involves multiple stages.
3. The choice of the right software is one of the steps that affects your business positively or negatively.

We look forward to participating in more industry events and contributing to the continued growth and development of the ISP industry.

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