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Case studies

Splynx offers valuable solutions to our clients in three important areas:

Radius server – central customer authentication, blocking non-payers, getting statistics of Internet usage, support of different equipment and vendors.
Mikrotik API – advanced bandwidth management on RouterOS. CPE configuration and provisioning.

Recurring billing – our platform can charge customers in recurring mode, CDR processing for voice services, custom services such as IPTV.
Prepaid billing – your customers can get access only when they pay in advance.

Debit orders – sending Direct debit orders to Banks or to payment gateways, debit orders of credit cards using Paypal, Braintree, platforms.
Cashdesk – our tool for managing cash payments.

Our unique technology approach allows us to deliver custom tailored solutions to our clients. They always receive the software that ideally fits their needs.


BusinessCom, USA
Need: BusinessCom is a leading VSAT provider. The company is using own accounting, CRM software and Bandwidth manager, but it needed to provide one common customer portal where customers will be able to get quotes, lists of services, invoices and statistics.

Solution: A fully customized user portal based on Splynx, connected to existing Billing and Provisioning software of the company, using API.


Canfone, Canada
Need: Company provides services on infrastructure of third-parties. Had a need for provisioning and managing CPE devices using tunnels.

Solution: We delivered Splynx with enhanced CPE management module. Devices are not located in the network. OVPN tunnel design was implemented. Additional Splynx add-on was designed for auto provisioning which covered fast configuration of CPE devices: Auto Creation of account, printing stickers and CPE configuration (OVPN tunnel, QoS settings, Blocking pages, Firewall rules).


DigiTV, Serbia
Need: DigiTV is a market leader of FTTH and Satellite services in Serbia. Company had two platforms for TV provisioning and management, wanted to connect them with a Billing and Invoicing engine.

Solution: Integration with Satellite and IPTV platform, mass invoicing and bank statement processing in Splynx.


Himnet, Turkey
Need: High availability and stable Radius solution for DSL services with thousands of concurrent sessions.

Solution: Splynx Radius is a flexible and scalable platform allowing large amounts of online sessions. Our team also delivered a full network design with 10 CCR Mikrotik routers in place. Important part of the project was API integration with customers’ CRM and Billing system.


ASPWIFI/Aircom, Spain
Need: Processing of Mobile CDRs, generation of common invoice for Internet, Voice and Mobile services.

Solution: Splynx Voice and Mobile calls processing, issuing one common invoice for clients for Voice, Mobile and Internet, QoS provisioning on Mikrotik CPE for high quality VOIP services. Our engineers also delivered Radius PPPoE and OSPF design optimization.


Pinnacom, England
Need: Company is providing Voice and Mobile services. Has a need for CDR processing and LTE plan calculations.

Solution: Integration of LTE management; Internet plan extension to provide the ability to charge users in steps. For example, if customer consumes less then 64 GB he is paying a fixed price, each GB above is charged in different steps.

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