Country Connect Ltd

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Grown from a small WISP into a full ISP building FTTP.

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Before implementing Splynx, Country Connect faced challenges in managing its operations as a small ISP. They had no budget for a Business Support System (BSS) platform and had to rely on manual processes and basic tools to handle their customers.

Why Splynx?

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Splynx was implemented early on, with the direction of travel being to start from a position of strength, with a BSS system that could provide functionality to operate a small ISP efficiently. The main factor for us is the support available from the team, they are quick to respond to any issues and are willing to engage with functionality suggestions. Additionally, a great set of features, even in the early product, clean UI design and priced to work with a growing altnet.

Results from working with us

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Our entire workflow is based around Splynx, from prospect to in-life customer and the management of everything in between. Introduction of bundles has helped us to manage the contracted customer retention journey and creates internal prompts to re-contract customers. The tiered pricing of Splynx allowed us to implement a solid platform from day 1, when we literally had zero budget for a BSS platform and this allowed us to grow the business from a position of strength, adding revenue month on month. We’ve grown from a small WISP into a full ISP building FTTP.

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