Mikrotik Winbox for MAC OS

As many MAC OS users we were fighting with installing Winbox to our MACs.

Winbox is a very nice tool, probably one of the best for network management and configuration. The safest way is to run Wine HQ and run native Winbox for windows on it. Here are the steps how to install Mikrotik Winbox on MAC OS, running on High Sierra 10.13.2.

    1. First we need to install WINE HQ. It’s available for free on the website – https://www.winehq.org
    2. To install the WINE HQ, we need to install Xquartz package. Please note that the Xquartz package 2.7.11 is breaking fonts in Windows apps that are running in Wine. That’s why we recommend to use the Xquarts 2.7.9. You can get the package here – https://www.xquartz.org/releases/XQuartz-2.7.9.html
    3. When both packages are installed, it’s time to download latest Winbox from Mikrotik website https://mikrotik.com/download

Now we can open the Winbox, it will run Wine HQ automatically, it also allows to open multiple windows and connect to different routers :