System configuration

How to configure SMS and email notifications to monitor your device

Your team should be constantly aware of the status of your network. If any device goes down, the system will automatical...

Network management How to configure Juniper Radius server in Splynx

How to configure Juniper Radius server (updated)

This is an updated version of the Radius server configuration with Juniper using variables for speed limitations.

Marketing Splynx Mailjet integration

Splynx integration with MailJet: launch your email marketing campaigns

We've deployed integration with MailJet platform to assist you in your ISP business promotion. The add-on requires minim...

Network management How to configure Huawei NE (NetEngine) router Radius

How to configure Huawei NE (NetEngine) router Radius

We'll tackle the configuration of the Huawei NE20 and Huawei NE40 router with the Radius server. We will be using Splynx...

Network management

IPv6 CPE and home routers support

This article shows examples of 3 different CPEs from 3 other vendors. We have selected IPv6 routers that are used in net...

Business automation Splynx released mobile scheduling app for engineers and field technicians

Mobile scheduling app

Efficient and easy management is a crucial point for every business. Starting from Splynx v.3.0, we have released Schedu...

Network management

Splynx IPv6 support

Starting from the 3.0 version, Splynx has native IPv6 support. In this topic we will cover three main areas of IPv6 depl...

Business automation Can small ISPs beat big Telco operators? Yes, they can!

Can small ISPs beat big Telco operators? Yes, they can!

The Internet and Voice providers face strong competition with large telco operators in many countries.

Billing Sage one integration with Splynx

Splynx Sage One integration

After a recent integration with Sage One, Splynx allows Internet and Voice providers to manage the business more efficie...

Business automation Splynx Mobile App

Splynx mobile app (Customer portal)

Here's an overview of Customer Portal application that was developed specifically to help modern providers provide the b...

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Below is the topology sample that depicts the captured flow of how Splynx and NetFlow accounting work.
3CX integration with Splynx
Splynx billing dashboard
Splynx Radius server