System administration

HTTPS/SSL installation

Many things that were available for configuration over CLI we have put to the Splynx GUI configuration. One of such exam...

System administration How to manage Hotspot prepaid vouchers in Splynx

How to manage Hotspot prepaid vouchers in Splynx

The RADIUS server is embedded in the Splynx core to provide various services to the end-users. At the moment, you can us...

Business automation Customer onboarding in Splynx

How to streamline customer onboarding in Splynx

Splynx CRM system allows ISP providers to streamline the lead management process by using our self-registration widget t...

Customer service How to create tickets in Splynx

How to manage support processes in Splynx

Splynx is a complete solution that allows ISPs to manage a lot of business processes in one convenient system instead of...

Billing Reseller management in Splynx

How to manage internet resellers in Splynx

If you want to expand your ISP with a reseller business model, the Splynx billing platform provides three powerful modes...

Business automation How to add social login to Splynx portal

Self-registration in the Splynx portal

In the Splynx customer portal, the ISP subscribers can find information about Internet usage statistics, phone calls, in...

System configuration Voip CDR auto processing from FTP server in Splynx

VoIP CDR auto processing from FTP server in Splynx

Nowadays every business is seeking to achieve the decrease of manual effort in the essential processes. Splynx voice bil...

Billing Splynx integration with Payrix

Payrix payments processing in Splynx

Every business needs to get paid. Now Australian, New Zealand WISPs can process recurring billing by Direct Debit or tak...

Network management How to configure Radius Juniper MX

How to configure Radius Juniper MX

Juniper Networks is one of the leading vendors producing networking equipment. Together with Cisco, Juniper defines wher...

Business automation Case study: Fitel Networks

Case study: Fitel Network S.L.

This case study gives an overview of how the Splynx ISP billing system enabled The Fitel Network's optimization, redesig...

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