Network management Bandwidth management in Splynx

Bandwidth management in Splynx [FUP module]

Many ISPs use a Fair User Policy (FUP). This means if a customer downloads or uploads more than a certain amount of data...

System administration Two-factor authentication in Splynx

Two-factor authentication in Splynx

To secure your data, we introduce the support of two-factor authentication of administrator login to the Splynx ISP Fram...

Network management Weather maps monitoring

Splynx monitoring and weather maps

Splynx monitoring is based on SNMP, RRD, and Ping tools. The administrator can set up monitoring for any OID supported b...

Network management

IP address management

IP addresses are used in every corporate or ISP network. They're an essential component of the whole networking. There a...

Network management

Splynx integration with vBNG netElastic

In this article, we’ll display how to properly configure the virtual Broadband Network Gateway (vBNG) solution from ne...

System administration Winbox for Mac OS

Mikrotik Winbox for MAC OS

As many MAC OS users, we were fighting with installing Winbox to our MACs.

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Below is the topology sample that depicts the captured flow of how Splynx and NetFlow accounting work.
3CX integration with Splynx
Splynx billing dashboard
Splynx Radius server