5 Tips for Successful ISP Business

Today’s economy and society are based on the Internet. That much that we can’t almost imagine running a business without a wireless connection powerful enough to make all business operations work.
With the increase in the number of internet users, the number of ISPs has also increased. Nevertheless, the network infrastructure market is crowded and appears to be hard for new players to enter. And not easier for existing ISPs to operate.

However, the demand in the market is high and there are vast opportunities to succeed. These 5 main checkpoints from the Splynx team will help you to stand out from your competitors:

Offering in line with customer expectations

Managing expectations play a vital role in standing out from competitors. To be attractive to customers over time means to step ahead of their demand and give them what they need before the request is received.

This is why you need to study your customers constantly. This way you can find a gamer who would like to improve the connection speed and latency. Or a home office worker who often loses connection and needs a plan with good upload speed. They will be willing to pay more and never change you to another provider if you give them what they need.

Value Added Services

To be successful in today’s dynamic market, it is no longer enough for an ISP to provide a standard set of services. By doing the same thing as your competitors, you cannot attract more clients, since all providers will be similar for them.

Along with the basic services it is good to provide additional ones such as cybersecurity or content filtering, etc. Such value-added services (VAS) can solve 2 tasks at the same time – bring additional profit and highlight yourself among the other ISPs.

Focus on customer experience

The factors that most influence ISP customer experience are uptime and broadband speed consistency, especially during peak hours. Due to the nature of the B2C business model and the importance of Internet connectivity, the best way to win the competition in the Internet services market is to be customer-centric, focusing only on creating superior customer experiences. You will not need aggressive marketing activities because customers will speak for you in the market.

For this purpose, answering tickets on time, controlling at what stage your communication with each of the users is, and providing effective support is necessary. What can help you actually to improve customer experience:

  • Splynx helpdesk
  • CRM
    а) View all customer information as well as a recent activity log, comments from previous agents, schedule tasks/to-do’s and communication history such as emails, call records, etc.
    b) Integration with 3CX allows you to make calls, store call logs in the client profile, and assign calls to exist tickets.
  • Self-service customer portal
    By using it your customers will be able to:
    a) process online payments, manage their plans, pause or top-up their data
    b) order new services, manage their finance data
    c) communicate with the support team

Proper technology to drive your business

There are many processes held in organizations. To optimize and make them efficient, you need a simple solution that will be relevant not only today but also in the future. The first thing to do is to determine your requirements, goals and expectations to make the right choice. Otherwise, not only will business processes become more costly, but the entire business model may be ineffective.

One of the biggest mistakes new ISPs make is choosing cheap or free services. Perhaps with them, it will be possible to save money at the launch stage. But immediately after it, internet providers will face problems, that these services are not able to solve.

Therefore, it is more cost-effective to initially choose an appropriate solution that will allow you to build a solid ground for your business and grow efficiently.

As our customers from Colorado, USA, did.

Au Wireless started in 2015 as a non-profit Wireless Internet Service Provider with a community atmosphere. They provide high-quality internet to households and small businesses in Golden and the surrounding neighbourhoods as a local alternative to the cable company monopoly.

Previously, they used a solution 2 times more expensive in cost, had limited ticketing capabilities and required a significant amount of manual work. Their main goals were to decrease software costs, improve customer satisfaction rate and reduce manual labour as there was only a team of 2 people to deal with.

The result

  • Happier customers.
  • Improvements in cost and efficiency.
  • Additional revenue.
  • It improved the ticketing system.
  • A solid foundation for future growth and new integrations.
As of today, Splynx is used by the internal team for network operations and billing, as well as 20+ outsourced support representatives. Au Wireless can track finance data and ticketing statistics on a daily basis using the all-in-one solution with minimum manual labor. They have fewer hands in the software team and spend less time moving consumer data around with a more streamlined workflow. Users can update their plans using the customer portal rather than calling or emailing the support team to do so. They’ve seen customers choose faster packages by letting them control their own plans, which brings additional revenue to the business. Even when they could not log in to the system for a few days, they knew the Splynx system was keeping their customers running smoothly.
Chadwick Wachs,
President at AU Wireless

Manage Continuous Change

It is vital always to have a clear vision of the future of the company. This requires future thinking, supported by market research and customer surveys that have to be translated into a clear vision and strategy. Once the vision and strategy are determined, an assessment can be made to mark a baseline for change and an action plan can be developed.

Our strategy is the continuous improvement of all processes. We are based on the experience of 750+ providers and, at its core, the Splynx solution is made due to feedback from ISPs around the world. Customers receive a product that meets the needs of tomorrow’s market.

Choosing a reliable partner that is also constantly evolving will ensure the growth of your company. Don’t be afraid of change, but challenge it.

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