How local WISP from Colorado streamlined all business workflows while saving 50% on software costs

AU Wireless, United States


Au Wireless started in 2015 as a non-profit Wireless Internet Service Provider with a community atmosphere based in Golden, Colorado. They provide high-quality internet to households and small businesses in Golden and the surrounding neighborhoods as a local alternative to the cable company monopoly. By taking the non-profit route, Au Wireless cares about their customers and allows community members to have a say in the operations of the company.

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Before Splynx

  • Manual and multi-step ticketing process
  • High software costs
  • Low customer satisfaction rates
  • Limited opportunities

With Splynx

  • Automated billing, payments and customer suspension
  • 50% software costs savings
  • Happier customers
  • Additional revenue

The challenge

Au Wireless is establishing an alternative choice for local customers who want fast and reliable service but cannot get it through the cable monopoly. From the beginning, they used Sonar v1, which by their judgment had limited ticketing capabilities and required a significant amount of manual work. Furthermore, it was more than twice as expensive as Splynx for the same number of subscribers, making it difficult from a financial sense for a small internet provider like them. Since the Au Wireless team was only two individuals, their main goal was to automate as many of the processes as possible so they could focus on growing the company quickly rather than being tied to day-to-day customer management.

Au Wireless team has reviewed a wide range of solutions when looking for a replacement, with the main focus on:

  • Integrated billing, payments, and customer support
  • Advanced ticketing system
  • Decrease workload for internal staff as well as effective management of outsourced customer support team
  • The product that supports DHCP Option 82 and existing networking equipment
  • Cost-effective solution

Switching to a different ISP system may require a lot of effort and changes to business processes. As a team of just two people operating the company, they looked for a transition with minor modifications to their workflow. However, Au Wireless was committed to reducing the amount of time their customer support representatives spent in the ticketing system, which had to save the company a lot of money and effort.

The solution

The Au Wireless team determined that Splynx was the clear winner in every category after comparing it with all of the major vendors such as Sonar v2, VISP, PowerCode, and UISP. The product’s maturity, paired with a modern and functional design, had a significant impact on that choice. An extended free trial provided by our team proved that Splynx fulfills all of the initial requirements and adds a number of “pluses” to grow their WISP business.

First, we loved the free trial. No other vendor offered this. Second, we needed more time than the trial allowed. A simple request to extend our period was granted immediately. Very easy to work with Splynx support. The onboarding process was great. Splynx handled the exporting of data from the old system and importing into Splynx and then verified the data was accurate
Chadwick Wachs,
President at AU Wireless

Au Wireless team needed some help when switching to our system to fulfill all the requirements, so our support team assisted with several programming tasks to speed up the process. Splynx support handled the data export from the previous system and imported it into Splynx.  The Mikrotik networking equipment was seamlessly integrated into our system, making the transition quick and easy. Moreover, Au Wireless required additional custom modifications, which our team provided at a great value. Overall, the onboarding process went great with effective and efficient work from both sides.

Since Au Wireless is almost entirely based on DHCP Option 82, the customer authentication required a little work on their end. With the help of the Splynx support team, all front-end work went smoothly. With a few minor adjustments to their workflow, they have already seen significant success in automated billing, payments, and customer suspension, which were previously done manually. Instead of the TowerCoverage widget, their customers can now automatically apply for the desired service through the directly integrated Splynx sign-up widget on the website.

What were the immediate outcomes?

  • No more “I have paid, please reconnect me” calls as disconnections and activations are automatic
  • No more loss of income from clients who haven’t paid but enjoyed a free service
  • Improved provisioning and CPE management

The result

  • Happier customers. Customer support and customer communication have improved.
  • Improvements in cost and efficiency. By switching to Splynx, they cut their billing/ticketing software costs in half.
  • Additional revenue. The flexibility for Au Wireless customers to adjust their own plans through the billing portal is one of their favorite features, which has resulted in more package updates from the customer side.
  • Improved ticketing system. Keeping track of tickets across internal workers and their outsourced customer support team has never been easier.
  • A solid foundation for future growth and new integrations.

As of today, Splynx is used by the internal team for network operations and billing, as well as 20+ outsourced support representatives. Au Wireless can track finance data and ticketing statistics on a daily basis using the all-in-one solution with minimum manual labor. They have fewer hands in the software team and spend less time moving consumer data around with a more streamlined workflow. Users can update their plans using the customer portal rather than calling or emailing the support team to do so. They’ve seen customers choose faster packages by letting them control their own plans, which brings additional revenue to the business. Even when they could not log in to the system for a few days, they knew the Splynx system was keeping their customers running smoothly.

By allowing customers to manage their own plans, we have seen customers selecting faster packages on their own. That has resulted in additional revenue that we were not seeing prior to Splynx when all changes were manual. Customers tend to upgrade themselves instead of calling in or emailing our support teams to upgrade them.
Chadwick Wachs,
President at AU Wireless

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