System configuration

Splynx self-registration

Splynx's self-registration functionality allows your clients to register and helps you skip the routine process of addin...

Network management How to manage network in Splynx via Radius server and MikroTik API

How to manage network in Splynx via Radius server and MikroTik API

The core of the Splynx ISP Framework covers two important areas of ISP network management – AAA and bandwidth manageme...

Network management Splynx Radius server

Splynx Radius server

Splynx ISP framework consists of different sub-systems. One of the framework's leading and most essential parts is the S...

Network management

How to configure and troubleshoot Splynx Radius

This post explains how to troubleshoot communication between the router (Mikrotik example) and Radius.


Learn About Prepaid Billing in Splynx

Full prepaid billing is used when ISP charges a customer in advance and provides them access for a specific time.

System configuration

Blocking of non-paying customers in Splynx

Splynx blocks non-paying customers automatically. The administrator can also block the customer manually.

Network management Contention in Splynx

Contention in Splynx (aggregation of users)

Splynx provides the feature of contention or aggregation. This feature is used when ISP sells to the end-users services ...

Network management

UBNT AirOS wireless RADIUS authentication

With Ubiquiti access points, you can easily authenticate RADIUS via a RADIUS server. This means the admin doesn’t have...

System configuration Ubiquiti EdgeRouters pppoe Radius support

Ubiquiti EdgeRouters PPPoE RADIUS support

UBNT EdgeRouters can act as a PPPoE server, with authentication of CPEs, providing statistics, blocking end-users, and s...

Billing Billing in Splynx

Billing, invoicing, and finances in Splynx

Business is always about profit. ISP needs to control customer payments, generate invoices, process, and pair payments, ...

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3CX integration with Splynx
Below is the topology sample that depicts the captured flow of how Splynx and NetFlow accounting work.
Splynx billing dashboard
Splynx Radius server