South African ISP switched from 10 different software products to a unified Splynx system

SWDconnect, South Africa


SWDconnect is a thriving ISP located in the Western Cape, specializing in delivering high-quality internet and related services to its valued customers through Fiber and Wireless technology. With over 12 years of industry experience, SWDconnect has established itself as a reliable and customer-centric provider in the region.

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Before Splynx

  • Paper-based job cards for installations and task management
  • Manual creation of customer accounts
  • Lack of integration between 10 different software tools
  • Manual payment checks and account suspensions

With Splynx

  • Digital platform for task management
  • Automated PPPoE account setup
  • All-in-one platform with public add-ons and rich APIs
  • Simplified and automated billing

The challenge

Before adopting Splynx, SWDconnect faced several challenges in their workflow. The company relied on traditional paper-based job cards for installations and task management. In addition, they had to manually contact their office to create customer accounts on their finance system and set up PPPoE accounts on their radius server.

Monthly payment checks and account suspensions were done manually, leading to occasional system problems. Their team had to check if clients are up to date on payment and cross reference that with their server to make sure clients are suspended and reactivated after payment is done.

Moreover, the lack of integration between different software tools meant relying on scripts, spreadsheets, and extensive time investment for even the simplest tasks. Other than accounting software, SWDconnect had no extra costs due to having 10 different open source products to run the daily tasks. Although open source software may seem like a budget-friendly option at first glance, the complexities and limitations associated with relying on scripts and Excel can result in significant time and resource consumption. This, in turn, limits the ability to effectively cater to customers and accelerate business growth. Thus, the CEO of the company realized the need for an all-in-one platform to minimize human interaction in their workflows.

The solution

When SWDconnect discovered Splynx, they realized it was the solution they needed to overcome their workflow challenges and enhance efficiency. Concerns about transitioning to a new system were solved after thorough research and interactions with the Splynx support team.

Why Splynx?

Price and possibilities, and the fact that this is a new product with a lot of enthusiastic developers and managers that only see the sky as the limits.
Schalk Van Zyl,
SWDconnect CEO

The seamless integration with popular tools such as SageOne and Netcash has been invaluable to their operations. Furthermore, the ability to integrate with SNMP devices like MikroTik and network routers has further empowered their network management capabilities.

Previously, billing tasks would have taken a substantial amount of time to complete, but now, they can be effortlessly managed and automated. This newfound efficiency has allowed SWDconnect team of 13 dedicated professionals to focus on delivering top-notch services and building strong customer relationships rather than work on the backend of their system. Although revenue growth is not solely attributed to Splynx, the platform has been instrumental in providing the necessary framework and efficiency to support their expanding operations.

We sure would have had a hard time getting to everything if we stayed where we were, so comparing tasks back then and now we would definitely spend at least a week just to do invoicing.
Schalk Van Zyl,
SWDconnect CEO

The introduction of a Customer Portal and automated notification system has empowered their clients with real-time information and updates about their network services. With instant email and SMS notifications from Splynx, customers are always aware of any network developments, ensuring a seamless and transparent communication channel.

The results

  • Unified platform: switch from 10 different open source products to Splynx, allowing to handle daily tasks efficiently.
  • Time-saving in the generation and processing of monthly invoices as well as isolation of system problems.
  • Improved communication with subscribers through Customer Portal
  • Improved collections with automatic debit orders and online payments via Netcash add-on.
  • Synced customer data, invoices, and payments with SageOne accounting.
  • A solid foundation for future growth and new integrations.

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