How Albanian ISP gain competitiveness against big players after switching to Splynx from multiple solutions

STARNET, Albania


Starnet offers advanced services as an ISP company with expertise in Optic Fiber Connections, Wireless, and Satellite Transmissions in Albania since 2003. Starnet provides broadband services based on various technologies such as FFTH, fixed wireless, and so on. They have a long experience in the field of services, 11 years in the telecommunications world has taught them that the best way to be successful in the market is to offer the best. To achieve this they have invested in innovative and modern infrastructure and work with qualified staff.

STARNET Success Story



Using Splynx since


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Before Splynx

  • Multiple solutions with limited functionality
  • High risk of breakdown
  • Challenges with hardware monitoring
  • Time waste on manual admin tasks

With Splynx

  • Improvements in cost and efficiency
  • Redundant and automated network
  • Better support and customer satisfaction
  • Enhanced competitiveness with room for growth

The challenge

As most small and medium ISPs do, Starnet at the beginning concentrated on keeping costs low and used free or less capable software just to enable services. They used mainstream FreeRADIUS software in combination with the radius manager solution for delivering essential services. Previous solutions offered no support, which possessed high risks to their network in the case of a breakdown. Moreover, it limited their ability to scale the business due to shortcomings in the software’s features and integration with other solutions.

The need for an all-in-one solution for network management and billing was undeniable. They realized that their staff was doing a lot of manual management processes that had little to do with their day-to-day work of providing service to customers. As a result, they desired to consolidate such activities while also connecting several departments on a single platform. The hardware was a major issue since it needed to be monitored both when in use and while in stock. Another major problem was the collection of payments since a lot of customers didn´t have access to a bank.

The Starnet team compared several alternative solutions, including ISP admin, however, they found out about Splynx during a MikroTik user event. The decision was clear, but they were concerned about Splynx’s scalability and adaptability in the unique conditions involved in their business operations.

Splynx is built by people that understand the ISP business. That makes it great software for the industry. As much as they (ISPs) use it, as much they benefit from it.
Dritan Vreshta,
CEO & Founder

Before deciding to migrate, the CEO, technical director, and several members of the Starnet team tried out the majority of Splynx’s functionality. They also spotted the clear vision embedded in the Splynx software after talking with our founder Alex Vishnyakov. Working in a market driven by price, the financial offer they got was the best fit when compared to the quality delivered.

The solution

They anticipated several good reasons for change right away after migration, backed by improved customer service and automated business processes. That allowed Starnet to focus on the rapid growth of its ISP business.

The Starnet team noticed a significant improvement in their workflow while eliminating the hidden costs involved in previous “free” solutions. Splynx has turned out to be the reference point for all their management decision-making processes. All their meetings start with the Splynx as the ground point for all their issues – a guideline of all records that they have gathered.

They currently have a single interface for all of the ISP’s processes, including client provisioning, help desk management, financial administration, and customer communication. The Splynx paying system made it possible to collect payments from customers who didn’t have a bank account. Furthermore, the customer portal enables them to communicate directly with their clients, efficiently handle multiple customer profiles, and establish a strong logistical connection with the customer base thanks to the inventory module.

As of now a team of 18 people from different departments interacts with Splynx daily:

  • A technical department for profiling services
  • Support department for managing the ticket system
  • Inventory department for keeping track of all hardware that is installed and available in their network
  • Finance department for taking care of invoicing and payments
  • Area managers and installers for looking after their clients and coordinate their daily activities with the main office

Our mission at Splynx is to help local ISPs to succeed in competing with large telcos by improving the efficiency of their processes and providing the best quality customer service. The Starnet team has demonstrated this with their own experience, by competing with large players in the market without any limitations of billing or network management. Starnet started by providing services in rural areas and has since expanded to major cities.

Splynx has a clear potential to make small and medium-sized ISPs play like the big players in the market, so definitely we are fully capable to compete and offer services without the limitation that billing and management software like Splynx can offer. Splynx is very advanced software. It’s giving every ISP the prestige of playing a big game.
Dritan Vreshta,
CEO & Founder

The result

  • Enhanced competitiveness. Capability to compete with large players due to reliable ISP billing and network management system.
  • Improvements in cost and efficiency. By switching to Splynx, they got an all-in-one solution with no hidden costs.
  • Improved customer communication. Easy-to-manage ticketing system with an automated customer portal.
  • Solid platform for rapid growth.
The real reason for using Splynx is growth. You can never grow if you don´t create a solid ground for growth.
Dritan Vreshta,
CEO & Founder

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