How a local South African ISP boosted MRR and ARPU by over 30% and cut churn from 7 to 3% with Splynx

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TechConnect, based in the rural heartland of Komatipoort, South Africa, near the Mozambican border, has emerged as a beacon of connectivity for its community. TechConnect delivers fixed wireless internet to a diverse clientele from farming communities to households and businesses. Embracing a customer-first approach, TechConnect stands out for its innovative solutions and dedicated IT service, guaranteeing subscribers not just connectivity but also access to comprehensive services that enhance the overall experience.

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Before Splynx

  • Juggling multiple systems was complex and inefficient
  • Manual billing, invoicing, and reconciliations were challenging
  • Syncing accounting operations was inefficient
  • Technical support was lacking

With Splynx

  • Achieved approximately 30% MRR growth
  • Cut churn rate from 7% to 3%
  • Boosted Average Revenue Per User
  • Centralized processes for better efficiency
  • Automated billing, saving 20+ hours each month
  • Achieved seamless integration with Xero for accounting

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TechCONNECT’s story starts with Arno Joubert and Nico Joubert, two guys who went from competing in IT to joining forces. Over coffee, they decided to combine their skills, not thinking they’d end up in the ISP business. Soon, however, they found their real strength was providing the internet directly. What they thought would be just 40 corporate clients grew to over 650 households and businesses. Now, with a tight-knit team of 10, they’re making a big difference in rural South Africa. Their journey shows what you can do with a solid plan, a good team, and powerful tools, even when the going gets tough.

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The Road Before Splynx

TechConnect’s journey to excellence was full of ups and downs. Positioned in the rural terrain of Komatipoort, South Africa, the company faced unique challenges. Below, we dive deep into the hurdles they encountered, painting a picture of their pre-Splynx processes through their own words.

Before switching to Splynx, TechConnect’s certain operations were challenging. They used Sonar, which lacked critical features, local support, and integration with Xero for accounting. This led to poor financial management and a clunky operational flow, making it hard to offer good customer service.

Look, we had a product called Sonar… No local support, no Xero integration, no invoicing, no VAT invoicing; our finances were shoddy; we couldn’t do reconciliations.
Arno Joubert,

Before using Splynx, techCONNECT was stuck in a manual mess. Billing at the end of each month took them over 20 hours of hard work. They had to cut off customers who didn’t pay manually, which got crazier as more people signed up. Keeping track of which IPs were free was another headache, done using simple spreadsheets. All these manual jobs ate up a lot of time and effort, especially as their customer list kept getting longer. They needed a better way to handle things fast.

TechConnect’s tech stack was all over the place. They jumped from one system to another, especially for scheduling tech visits, which confused everyone. This constant change made it hard to keep things running smoothly and frustrated their team.

How many different systems did we go through just for scheduling techs?… And the poor techs were sitting in a Friday meeting like, ‘Another change, another system.’
Nico Joubert,
Business Development Director

A central pain point was the lack of a unified system that could easily connect with vital services like accounting and customer management. They needed something to bring all their operations under one roof, streamline processes, and improve efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Each of these challenges highlighted the need for change. TechConnect was looking for a solution that could handle the unique demands of their rural customer base, simplify their operational processes, and offer the level of support and integration they desperately needed. This was the stage set for their transition to Splynx, hoping to turn these challenges into opportunities for growth and improvement.

Solution – Streamlining Operations with Splynx

TechCONNECT tackled their manual headaches by switching to Splynx, revolutionizing how they manage everything from customer accounts to finances. Here’s how they turned their challenges into successes:

Integration with Preseem

TechCONNECT initially worried about seamlessly integrating Preseem, which is crucial for their operations as a wireless-only provider. They understood the importance of low latency in their service, as without fiber-like speeds, minimizing latency became their focus to prevent buffering and speed complaints from customers. This smooth integration with Preseem ensured they could maintain optimal network performance, keeping customer satisfaction high without reverting to their previous, less efficient methods.

Troubleshooting connectivity issues with Splynx & Preseem

My main concern before going with Splynx was Preseem integration. It had to go smoothly because we couldn’t go back to MikroTik queues. There was no ways were going to go back to that. And Nico kept on telling me, look, his nephew is using Splynx and his friends are using Splynx and everybody. We visit many WISPs across the country, so we gave it a try.
Arno Joubert,

A game-changer in CRM and management tools

One of the biggest changes and improvements was using Splynx CRM and management tools. They moved from a disjointed setup to one unified system. This made tracking client activities, packages, payments, and service management easier and more efficient than ever before.

A feature that significantly simplifies life and improves customer experience is the ability to send SMS notifications to a group of customers experiencing outages, especially those connected to a specific tower. Utilizing Splynx filters allows for the precise selection of customers based on criteria like tower, router, or service type, enabling targeted communication for maintenance updates.

Sending maintenance SMS notification

Ending manual processes

Splynx put an end to their manual chaos, especially with its smooth Xero integration for accounting. What used to be a labor-intensive, 20-hour manual invoicing at month’s end is now a less-than-30-minute process, all thanks to the automatic syncing with Xero. This not only lightened the load for their admin team but also meant lower costs for their contract accountant due to the system’s improved efficiency.

The way they manage customers and deal with non-payments has also been simplified, making the entire process of customer care and financial management much more efficient.

Monthly invoice run would take 20 hours plus. Now it takes half an hour and most of things are automated in any case
Arno Joubert,

Unified system for the whole team

With Splynx, the entire techCONNECT team operates from a single, unified system. Tracking clients, managing IPs (IPAM was a big win for them), and viewing online and blocked customers can now be done on one screen. This consolidation has saved time and eliminated the need to juggle multiple tools.

I have to look at just one screen. You see all connected clients in green and you can actually see clients that are down. That is amazing. I spent hours on end trying to keep, spreadsheets with available IPs to use. Splynx IPAM is built in, and it’s brilliant. It was one of the big selling points for us.
Nico Joubert,
Business Development Director

Splynx brought all the necessary integrations under one roof, saving techCONNECT the hassle of finding workaround solutions. Every aspect of their operation, from customer management to accounting, has been optimized without issues.

Before Splynx, we knew we were dealing with Sonar because there were issues and the name Sonar would pop up in meetings, and the previous systems, the name would pop up in meetings.So I’d like to put it this way. We’re not even talking about Splynx at the stage in meetings or in the company. No news is good news because it’s just working. There’s no: “We have to sort this out” or “This is a problem” or whatever. It’s just running.
Nico Joubert,
Business Development Director

By solving the integration with Preseem, ending manual processes, and bringing everything into one unified system, they’ve not only optimized their operations but also ensured a better experience for their team and customers. Splynx has proven to be the comprehensive solution they needed, allowing them to focus more on growth and less on managing day-to-day tasks.

And the impact on growth and results has been significant — let’s dive into the details!

Results – techCONNECT’s success framework

TechCONNECT’s shift to Splynx has driven remarkable outcomes, marked by hard numbers and strategic initiatives. Here’s how their carefully crafted framework and integration with Splynx solution have paved the way for impressive growth and customer satisfaction.

Impactful Growth Metrics

Since implementing Splynx, techCONNECT has seen a significant turnaround in key performance indicators:

  • Customer churn
    They’ve slashed their customer churn rate from 7% to 3%. Initially, churn was driven by the appearance of fiber options in the area, but over the last two years, not a single client has left for a competitor. In fact, a lot of their customers who initially left to sign up for the new fiber services have come back.
  • ARPU (Average Revenue Per User)
    The ARPU saw an increase, climbing from R450 to R700.
  • MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue
    Collectively, these improvements contribute to an overall growth of MRR on average 30% year-on-year.The company’s turnover witnessed a significant leap, marking a growth of approximately 43%.

techCONNECT's growth stats

TechCONNECT’s five-point growth framework

The company owners, Arno and Nico, follow a five-point framework that gives them a competitive edge, keeps customers satisfied, and fuels business growth:

  1. Extended Support Hours: Understanding that customers need help beyond standard business hours, they provide extended support packages, guaranteeing access to assistance anytime it’s needed.
  2. IT Support: Coming from an IT service business, Arno and Nico know the value of supporting customers beyond just connectivity issues. Their team tackles IT problems, providing a one-stop solution for customers.
  3. Splynx: The team was able to end manual processes, and by bringing everything into one unified system, they not only optimized their operations but also ensured a better experience for their team and customers. Customers enjoy real-time account management, payment processing, and service adjustments via a user-friendly portal and app.
  4. Security Services: Through integration with Whalebone, they offer robust security services, protecting customers from phishing and malicious sites.
  5. Preseem: This solution helps manage network latency effectively, ensuring high-quality service delivery and keeping customers satisfied.

techCONNECT's customers feedback

Proactive approach

TechCONNECT actively uses Splynx integration with Whalebone to protect its customers online. Without accessing browsing history, they spot and react to malicious indicators from customer accounts, and then alert clients about potential threats. This proactive approach not only enhances customer trust but also opens up opportunities for upselling advanced security services.

We actually try to be proactive and phone the clients and say, look, there’s an issue. We actually record and send them a little 2-minute video. We’re not browsing or not monitoring what they’re browsing. We don’t know what they’re doing, but we can see that DNS security issues are popping up. So do you want us to do AnyDesk quickly and just clean up what you have, or just bring your laptop or your device to the office and then we’ll have a look at it?
Nico Joubert,
Business Development Director

Expanding Coverage with Powerlynx

Looking ahead, techCONNECT started implementing Powerlynx (a new hotspot solution from the Splynx team) to expand their coverage area and introduce new revenue streams. By offering their fixed wireless clients free tokens and vouchers for hotspots, they aim to provide added value and increase customer loyalty.

TechCONNECT’s results highlight the effectiveness of their customer-centric approach. Their ability to maintain a stable customer base in the face of competition, coupled with strategic upselling and service expansion, underscores the strength of their business model. The integration of Splynx technologies has not only streamlined operations but also enabled techCONNECT to focus on growth strategies and customer engagement, setting a solid foundation for future success.

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