broadband packages in Splynx

Broadband package variability – the key to success for ISP

One of the key parameters when choosing a provider is the wide choice of broadband prices so that a potential customer can find exactly the product that most ideally suits his current requirements. A detailed grading of services and plans provides an increase in sales because most end users can select the rate they require and therefore feel that their purchase is a rational choice. In addition, the internet service company should predict the growing needs of users and create effective price plans and services accordingly. To ensure that an internet service provider can fully provide end-users with different options for broadband tariff offers, Splynx has developed billing functions for both Standard tariff plans (postpaid, prepaid billing, recurring billing) and Custom tariffs plans.

Splynx has 4 options for setting up broadband prices:

  1. Internet tariff plans

Internet tariff plans allow the service provider to assign the monthly price, download speed, upload speed, data allowance, partners (reseller), VAT, priority for IP packets of customers, aggregation, burst limit, burst threshold and burst time. Find out  more at

  1. Voice tariff plans

By using this option, broadband service providers can charge clients a monthly fee for voice services such as VOIP, toll number, number rental or mobile plan. In addition,  Splynx is able to process the call detail record (CDR) from voice platforms, attach calls from CDRs to the correct customer, create transactions for voice usage and make one combined invoice for voice services and the internet. More information about the Splynx setting can be found at:

  1. Custom tariff plans

With custom tariff plans, internet providers are able to charge customers for IPTV services, public IP addresses and rental of equipment or hosting.  Follow this link to see more details about how to configure a custom plan in Splynx

  1. Capped tariff plans

Internet usage limits — and overage charges for those who exceed them — are a feature of most internet and wireless packages. For those providers who don’t offer unlimited data with internet plans, Splynx billing software has a data CAP feature. CAP is a feature that allows ISP to provide internet services with a monthly data limit  and charge customers for additional data. The advantage of this is that customers can pay more to extend their CAP using the Top Uptool . The administrator designs the Top Up plans that are available for customers in addition to their regular internet plans. See more at

  1. Bundle Plans

In billing, you can link certain services together under one plan, also known as bundling.

Bundle Plan is a new kind of plan which is different from version 2.1 and which allows you to group internet, voice and custom services in  one bundle so that it is possible to set a one combined price for the group of  services. It also improves the service management if a customer has more than one service.

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