Splynx Wi-Fi hotspot

Wi-Fi hotspot solution

Splynx hotspot is an innovative tool helping ISPs easily deliver pay-as-you-go internet services.

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How can your ISP benefit from Wi-Fi hotspot?

In today’s hyper-connected world, millions of people every day connect to public hotspots for their data needs wherever they go. Not surprisingly, open networks are becoming an essential part of public life — and users’ internet experience. Hotspot technology makes it possible to increase internet access and help people from rural areas and low-income communities participate in the digital economy.


Get additional revenue source with room for growth


Increase ARPU by expanding your product offerings


Reach remote locations with easy to access Wi-Fi


Engage new markets and get more recognition in existing ones


Develop your brand and community goodwill with public Wi-Fi hotspots


Expand reseller channels

How does it work?


Customer signs in via your branded page

page | Splynx hotspot

Customer selects a desired plan

Plan selection page | Splynx hotspot

Customer makes payment and enjoys Internet

List of payment options | Splynx hotspot

See Splynx hotspot in action

This short video describes how to configure hotspot module in your network.

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Out-of-the-box integrations

Hardware providers

Splynx hotspot supports Wi-Fi devices of the leading network vendors like MikroTik, Cambium, Ubiquiti, TP-Link ensuring availability for all networks.

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Payment systems

Currently, Splynx hotspot supports VulaCoin and Netcash payment systems allowing your customers pay by the following methods:

VulaCoin logo Netcash logo
  • checkmark VulaCoin payments
  • checkmark Card payments
  • checkmark Instant EFT
  • checkmark Flash voucher payments
  • checkmark Scan to pay (Qr code)
  • checkmark Promotions

Use Case

Project Isizwe logo

Project Isizwe

Splynx has partnered with a non-profit organization, Project Isizwe. They are committed to enabling both free and affordable sustainable internet access in low-income communities across South Africa.

Prior to the Splynx, Project Isizwe was using a solution from Facebook's parent company called Express Wi-Fi. However, Facebook Express WiFi was sunsetted and Project Isizwe had to look for another solution.

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