Internet Data Cap

Internet Data Cap

Splynx has internet plans that we can configure to cap the client. It means that when a client reaches certain amount of data we will block him and will not allow access to the internet. Customer then can buy additional data,tThe Top up feature description is available here –

Let’s say we are allowing 10 GB per month to the customer and when he reaches the limit, Splynx locks the access. Also plan can do a rollover of unused data to next month :


To update the service, you can top up the plan. For example, let’s set additional 5 GB for 10 $ or 10 GB for 15 $. The validity of the top can vary from unlimited to a couple of months.


It is always necessary to specify the notifications, as they inform customer about usage of the data plan. For example, Splynx can send email or SMS message to clients after reaching 80 per cent of the month limit.


So, what will happen if the client will download 100 MB after the traffic was overused? He will be blocked, and we can check it using simulation tool :


Please check the video showing CAP plans configuration below


Our engineers will always assist you in the proper configuration. Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.