Splynx 4.0 has launched!

We’re thrilled to announce the public launch of Splynx v4.0. This release is a massive leap forward in ISP business management and we cannot wait for you to take advantage of it.

Packed with new features

With a brand new look and feel to the system, new and improved credit notes, partial & overpayments, a new 3CX integration, and NetFlow accounting, this is by far the biggest release we have ever launched — it’s practically a new system. Check out our Release notes for an in-depth overview.

Whalebone integration with Splynx

This release has a game-changing integration — Whalebone has been integrated with Splynx which now ensures the security of your network based on DNS technology.

With this feature, you can quickly monitor and analyze security threats for the entire network or customers’ activity directly from within Splynx.

Hotspot add-on

Long requested & awaited — it’s finally here!

We’ve built a brand new Hotspot add-on to help you extend your services to pay-as-you-go locations & regions, stay ahead of the competition, and, most importantly, increase your revenue. This is a perfect opportunity for businesses that operate in low-income communities to grow and explore new revenue streams.

How can you start using Splynx v4.0?

Existing customers

Currently, we’re seeing a high demand for upgrades from our customers. Please submit a support ticket to support@splynx.com to schedule the upgrade to start using the new system. Once the upgrade has been scheduled, feel free to test our live demo to see 4.0 in action even before the upgrade.

New customers

We invite you to test all new features and witness the new, upgraded platform in action for free. Fill in the following form to get your 15-day free trial license.

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