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Splynx Changelog, version 1.2

Description of versioning : 1.2.927
1 – main release
2 – stable version release
927 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt-get update && apt-get install splynx

The version 1.2 was launched 14.10.2016

New features in 1.2 version
*Customers: New prepaid customers introduced, new prepaid billing engine
*Customers: Selection of language in customer portal
*Customers: Ticket notifications and templates
*Finance: Paypal integration
*Finance: Braintree integration
*Finance: Adding notes and additional fields to invoice
*Networking: DNS name acceptance in routers
*Security: CSRF, Сross Site Request Forgery prevention
*System: Search in SMS messages text
*System: Mass changes update in finance config – when save it can be applied for all customers
*System: Stable version of Cashdesk module with search per invoice, customers, history and balance of customer

Major changes in 1.2 version
*Finance: Change of services statuses, new status blocked introduced
*Networking: Changed in routers selection of authentication, now Radius and API is possible to use at the same time
*System: New date picker everywhere in Splynx
*System: Date range selection change
*Finance: added statistic boxes with total overview per period
*System: Config preferences – Change of logo, which page is default
*System: Config of localisations – Format of data, numbers, VAT name and value
*System: SMS sending improvement
*System: SMS and email sending added to Splynx API

Fixes in 1.2 version
*Customers: Minor improvements in additional field displaying
*Customers: Fixed the issue with prepaid cards listing
*Finance: Finance preview is possible to download as a Zip file
*Finance: Finance transactions (category) – Added one more top filter “Category of transactions”
*Networking: Nas IP fix, Radius was not able to process the packet when NAS IP was not same as source IP of Radius packet
*Networking: FUP module – display the result speed after FUP policy applying
*Networking: FUP module 12 hours time format added
*Networking: Fixed random duplication of IPs with dynamic pools on Radius (caused by mikrotik routers)
*Networking: Fixed IP networks with prefix /32
*System: Support / Messages / History – added filter for searching
*System: CSV import delimeter autodetect
*System: Restore of tempates. After reset of Database Splynx restores installed templates

Changelog of version 1.1 is available here –

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