Splynx Changelog, version 3.1

Splynx Changelog, version 3.1

Release version: 3.1.9717
3 – main release
1 – stable version release
9970 – commit version

Version 3.1 was launched on 12.11.2020

A total of 1270 issues/tasks were processed in version 3.1
Release 3.1 was closed and covered by 9970 commits with 370 bug fixes applied.

New features and changes in the 3.1 version:

Administration: New permissions for the messages section.
Administration: Moved manual CAP and bonus data permissions to the customer’s tab.

API: Added simplified API authorization for APIv2.

CRM: Complete redesign of Dashboard.
CRM: Complete redesigned the Lead page – comments, communication, deals and funnel stages adde
CRM: Filtering options – admin and period filters added.
CRM: New lead view – table and a pipeline view are available now
CRM: Deals and Pipelines introduced. Triggers for leads added. If a lead is in one pipeline status for a long time (set by trigger) then the lead is highlighted and notification can be sent.
CRM: Comments redesigned – now added the ability to display reminders and comments in the widget sorted by time and easy way to add and manage comments of a lead or customer
CRM: First version of IMAP email integration.
CRM: IMAP allows to collect a chain of communication history and also send messages to leads/customers directly from Splynx using the user’s email.
CRM: Communication tab added that is storing all history of communication with customer
CRM: Mass actions added
CRM: Improved conversion process and added conversion of quotes to directly invoices.
CRM: Tuning of self registration : use of custom fields, definition of terms and conditions, setting up tariffs available for the CRM Sign Up widget.
CRM: Simple task management with the ability for administrator mark tasks as done.

Customer: Added background tasks for mass actions: for changes and to send messages.
Customer: Added the mass action to Delete customers.
Customer: Displaying of Barcodes in the Hardware section of information page
Customer: Introduced a CC field for sending customers emails.
Customer: Delete button for inactive customers set back directly to the page (was inside action menu n 3.0)
Customer: Option to restore deleted customer and convert back customer to lead.
Customer: Contract management added with ability generate, send, save and sign a contract in browser.

Finance: Displaying and modify blocking date per customer
Finance: Configurable option to except processing of blocking and notifications on weekends/holidays.
Finance: Splynx has a backend support for any Electronic Invoicing. Can be used for different countries
Finance: Billing email field introduced
Finance: Sending statements by email
Finance: Feature of tracking of a credit card expiration and notifications
Finance: Discounts can be set as fixed values not only percentage as it was in the previous versions
Finance: Service plan change automation and improvements for recurring billing (including Refunds)
Finance: Prepaid billing extending of expiration
Finance: Ability to run finance preview before billing day automatically. Example: Needed when the invoicing for period November is run in advance 25th of October.
Finance: Changes in filters exporting invoices and improving of data exports in general
Finance: Disabled blocking by default for new customers.
Finance: Added new parameters: Paid invoices on time and Paid overdue invoice to the charts on dashboard.
Finance: Dashboard was extended for due invoices widget with ability to click and display due invoices
Finance: Reduced time for loading of finance elementes – such as payments, transactions, invoices, proforma invoices, and dashboard pages.
Finance: Ability to automatically use money from balance when auto charge is made and invoice is generated, so invoice will be issued for a lower amount. Useful for overpayment scenarios.
Finance: Added the option to extend the expiration date of service for prepaid customers. Also added option to extend one time amount of days to block particular recurring customer.

Networking: Tariff plans and FUP/CAP static speed definitions
Networking: Added ability to send FUP-rule notification only once.
Networking: CPE management Beta – full TR-069 server with support of few vendors
Networking: Added the ability to display CPE devices on the customer portal and admin panel.
Networking: CPE device can be rebooted, Wifi SSID or password changed via customer portal.
Networking: Added the ability to run an export of backup CPE routers in the background.
Networking: Added logs for device’s TR attributes to CPE and activity
Networking: Renamed Monitoring section to Hardware and added type Access points.

Client portal: Configurable view of Voice statistics for customer portal.
Client portal: Added new plan name and new plan start date info to the ticket for the manual plan change request.
Client portal: Added displaying of Invoice number on transactions list on the Customer portal.
Client portal: Added displaying unread messages counter on the portal for customers.

Scheduling: UX improvements of Splynx calendar views
Scheduling: Show by default in the calendar current time and period 4 hours before and 4 hours after the current time.
Scheduling: Changed logic for Is scheduled functionality, showing calendar with displaying scheduled tasks instead of the simple calendar with dates and time.
Scheduling: Show face and admin name in the tasks on the calendar.
Scheduling: Show/hide weekends on the scheduling calendar.
Scheduling: Editing all task parameters from the task view page.
Scheduling: Creation a task template without a tied project.
Scheduling: Manual log time button to worklog block on the task page.
Scheduling: Drag-and-drop for tasks in the scheduling calendar.
Scheduling: Displaying additional fields in the task view.
Scheduling: Ability to print scheduled tasks.
Scheduling: New switcher for two layouts – table/workflow view
Scheduling: Bidirectional synchronization Splynx Scheduling with the google calendar.

Tickets: Watchers to the tickets introduced. It’a person that tracks ticket and receives notifications.
Tickets: Changed ticket design view in the portal.
Tickets: Toggle to ignore server certificate validation. It allows a use of a self-signed certificate for incoming mailbox.
Tickets: Prevention of duplicates inside ticket answers.
Tickets: Send CC emails in case of creating a new ticket from the admin panel.
Tickets: Ability to click and create rules to create a blacklist for incoming emails
Tickets: Feature of auto-assigning group for tickets from portal and application.
Tickets: New filter Quick access in tickets.
Tickets: Added SLA report. UX, performance and logic of reports improved in general
Tickets: Added the source for ticket messages for understanding where the ticket came from (administration, portal, API, incoming email).
Tickets: Showing who is working with item. Inside the task/ticket/lead/customer page Splynx displays all admins that are currently working with the page.
Tickets: Ability to close tickets without notification in the mass action.
Tickets: Button jump to the last message on the ticket page.
Tickets: Anchor links to each message in tickets introduces. It allows to copy the link clicking on Date/ Time of the message and the link will be saved to the buffer..
Tickets: A new note field on the top of the right sidebar on the ticket page. There can be added short note on ticket.
Tickets: Uploading archives(rar, 7z and tar) to the tickets.
Tickets: Reply on the shared ticket without login to the portal.

Voice: CDR processing optimization in general.
Voice: Ability to clone CDR rate cards.
Voice: Ability to export rate cards.
Voice: Optimized auto CDR import workflow.
Voice: Moved mass delete action for CDR-history to the background for a large number of items.
Voice: Voice number pools – an option to add many phone numbers for one voice service separately with a plus button.
Voice: Functionality of auto-deleting CDR files after the chosen time in the config.

Reporting: Ticket reports / SLA report added timeframe periods 3h, 6h, 9h, 12h, 24h, and made reports for these periods. Make reports for Customer/ Lead and export it to CSV.
Reporting: Report showing custom pricing. Displays the standard tariff price and provides discounts report.
Reporting: Displaying old service price for new services report.
Reporting: Financial report tune – shows per plan two charts woth Top 10 plans.
Reporting: Feature that allows to show Tax report for all billing types (include prepaid daily and prepaid custom type of billing customers).
Reporting: Ticketing report improves – activity per admin where you can see all activity per chosen admin through the chosen day, added filter Show active/archive tickets and mass action archive and restore.
Reporting: Added new report Costs of support ticket report. Where displaying all the tickets activity by users and counting MRR.

System: The search inside the system was completely reworked and optimized. Now it’s based on the popular search engine Manticore. Indexes are created for the entire software/database.
System: Support renamed to Messages, Messages to Mass sending.
System: The support section got a new subsection Inbox where administrator can see all his emails from the mailbox that is connected via IMAP.
System: Download all files feature (on Tickets, Scheduling)
System: Added support of Ubuntu 20.04 and lates available packages for Splynx software
System: Improved work with tabs on mobile devices.
System: Made server-side optimization for cases with 30k and more customers.
System: Redesign of top and left menu. Improved adaptivity for mobile devices.
System: Filters redesign for the whole project, improved displaying, added adaptivity for convenient work on mobile devices.
System: Redesign for tables (datatable component) for the whole project.
System: Redesign of pop-ups for the whole project.
System: Changed displaying of boolean values (1/0) to Yes/No in all tables.
System: Made a complete redesign of system elements on the pages for mobile devices
System: Improved Nginx configuration for using SSL protocol to TLS 1.2 version.
System: Prevention of duplicate SMS sending added
System: Cleaning of dashboards cache after changing of entities
System: Tuned concept of notifications – ignoring customers with no email/phone number, addded notifications of a sigh up widget, preventing of duplicate messages sending

Config: Tools – restore deleted customer’s
Config: Tools – move services to other customers
Config: Added the ability to set holidays to the calendar manually or automatically by country.
Config: Complete redesign the configuration page.
Config: Added a global tab for Finance notifications.
Config: Added configuration on the first day of the week for calendars.
Config: Added import services tool for internet, voice, and custom services.
UX: Major changes in fonts, charts and CSS styles.

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