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Splynx Changelog, version 2.0.

Description of versioning : 2.0.2782
2 – main release
0 – stable version release
2782 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt update && apt dist-upgrade

Version 2.0 was launched 19.02.2018

In total we had 432 issues/tasks that were open in 2.0 development. It was closed and covered by 2782 commits.

New features in 2.0 version :
Inventory: Inventory engine – items, providers and suppliers
Inventory: Management of received invoices, upload PDF, prices, suppliers
Inventory: Adding item barcodes
Inventory: Optimised barcode search
Inventory: 4 different statuses/places for equipment
Inventory: Ability to issue invoice or create recurring service when giving item to customer
Finance: Added basic financial reports
Finance: Inter-partner invoicing. Possible to charge partner/reseller for all his customers in one single invoice.
System: Freeradius 3 full support
System: Debian 9 and Ubuntu 17.04 LTS support
System: Custom roles for administrators – now it’s possible to define the roles, permission level and assign it to admins
Tariffs: Configuration of voice in tariff plans – included minutes,data or sms, applying different policies on existing prices from imported CDR
Voice: CDR processing of VOIP, Mobile calls, Data or SMS messages – automatically over FTP, API or manually using CSV files
Voice: Rating engine – call buy and sell price calculation
Voice: Rating engine – possible to define different steps in calculation of calls, for example 60+1 (count price of call 1st whole minute and then per second)
Voice: Prefixes, categories and rate tables
Voice: Numbers patterns – possible to define extensions for voice numbers, for example +12342324{X}{X} or 123!
Voice: Ability to account voice data in certain period of day, days of week

Major changes in 2.0 :
Customers: Added statistics of TOP UP
Customers: New charts added for displaying CAP data usage and statistics
Customers: Fixed displaying of active session in statistics – in previous versions session was not shown when customer has multiple services
Customers: Ability to upload customer documents via API
Customers: Added traffic report widget to statistics with table of traffic per day and new chart
Customers: Prepaid customers – display amount of days till service disconnection
Customers: Expiration to CAP data rollover
Customers: Ability to self-change plan from portal
Customers: Social login add-on – ability to login to portal using Facebook, Gmail or Twitter account
Customers: Self registration add-on
Finance: Improved finance preview for recurring billing : Added history and ability to cancel auto-created invoices and transactions directly from Splynx UI.
Finance: Costs – basic table for entering costs (used by Inventory now)
System: French, Serbian language packs, improved Spanish translation
System: Froala wysiwyg editor added for template creation
System: Self-buy for Splynx customers, now you can buy/extend/upgrade splynx license without contacting our team
System: Radius accounting timeout selection. How many accounting packets should Splynx wait until consider customer offline. In previous version Splynx had 2 by default, now this value can be customised.
System: Configs of Cisco IOS and IOS XE added to default config
System: Support of South Africa Telkom (Openserve) DSL proxies

Fixes in 2.0 version :
Customers: Customers documents availability via API
Customers: Fixes in CAP notifications templates
Customers: Generate Refill cards – fixed sending error if all fields are empty
Customers: Added FUP statistics progress bar
Customers: Document generating – fixed saving of additional fields
System: Virtual sector creation of Simple Queue with parents – fixed calculation login when parent has over 100 children queues
System: Prepaid customers – display FUP window to admininstrator
System: Optimisation of log models
System: Added encryption to all passwords that are stored in Logs
System: Fix several internal issues for publishing messages to RabbitMQ
System: Fixed wrong customer ID in Reset FUP usage Logs
Customers: Fixed the issue when price was not set from tariff during Service creation
Customers: Repared top-up button on the portal side
System: Added mschap for freeradius 3 support
System: Resolved issue with sending CAP notifications
System: Improved add-ons permissions structure
System: DHCP Radius – added ability to add port id as HEX value
System: Improved Radius memory usage
System: Fixed errors in Mikrotik API SSL communication

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