Win the competition with Cybersecurity advantage

While cyberspace is getting more dangerous from day to day, lots of people still can not imagine their devices and households being connected inconstantly. Unfortunately, many Internet users do not think about the threats that await them on the World Wide Web. They guess that they basically need to defend themselves. But they do not understand why and how. And you are in the best possible positioning to offer them cybersecurity value-added service (VAS).

Why are VAS so important for ISPs nowadays?

The world of today is very dynamic and the market for Internet services in particular. On the one hand Telcos constantly offer lower prices. From the other hand you have probably already encountered the situation that each Internet provider offers almost the same set of services. The question arises how to defeat competitors, build a strong brand and attract loyal customers. The answer is simple – offer unique value-added services such as cybersecurity.

What do your customers get from a cybersecurity VAS?

It is no longer enough to simply offer a cybersecurity service and expect immediate interest. End users do not understand what it is and do not want to spend their time trying to figure it out. Therefore, you need to explain what your customers get thanks to cybersecurity and what problems it solves. 

First of all, it is unobtrusive protection that does not require additional maintenance, except for a monthly fee and that’s it. Also, unlike many antivirus programs, the cybersecurity solution does not affect the performance of protected devices. On the contrary, by blocking inappropriate content, users save on the data they consume and use it for what they need. Another important criterion for VAS is its availability. Its implementation should be as simple as possible. In case of Whalebone, you protect your users without installing any additional software to their devices or performing any actions at customer’s end.  

Also clients need to be conveyed what they can lose by ignoring cybersecurity. For example, they risk losing their assets, dealing with local authorities or banks, or even being blackmailed because of compromising material extracted from their devices. Therefore, our main task is to prevent the danger, and not to deal with its consequences.

As an example, we would like to present how Whalebone were able to recognize Sharkbot before its templates were published. It was only a few hours before some other body published information on how to spot Sharkbot’s malicious behavior. Even in this short time, 522 requests were stopped. The real figure is probably significantly higher because this is only what has been matched against patterns from external sources of threat intelligence.

Whalebone’s mechanisms identify and block about 1.5 million DGA domain permission requests (more on DGAs here), which are mostly used by new malware to evade detection.


To stand out from the competition, you need to bring value added services that the target audience really needs. Innovative cybersecurity solution is one of the opportunities to make a step forward from the overcrowded market. However, it should be easy to acquire, deploy and use.

Splynx team in cooperation with Whalebone is ready to offer you such a solution. The security aspect we provide streamlines the network, saves time and money as they no longer have to deal with user-generated security issues. It is a fail-safe security solution, so it improves the user experience and strengthens the relationship between the ISP and its customer.




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Cybersecurity Win the competition with Cybersecurity

Win the competition with Cybersecurity advantage

Many users don't think about Internet threats. Explain them cybersecurity value and get addition revenue.

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