Safe Browsing for Your Customers

The case prevents damage to your phone. A closed door prevents thieves from entering your apartment. Your immunity protects you from viruses.

But what about content? If today it is in the public domain, or just a search engine query away from someone who knows how to search to find what one wants, can we assume that Internet users are safe enough? Some understand that they are defenseless and, therefore, want to protect themselves. Others do not even realize how dangerous the environment they are in is.

Today, anyone can become an easy target for a cyberattack. To raise users’ trust and loyalty, you need to provide the first ones with understandable cybersecurity solutions and the second ones – with knowledge of its importance. Let your customers be assured that their ISP will give them a safe connection and protect them from threats.

Be one step ahead of Threats

Unfortunately, with the development of the opportunities that the Internet provides, the threats that it poses to the moral, financial, and sometimes physical security of its users also develop. And the most significant troubles lurk in those sources that we do not even suspect.

According to 2022 research, the main threat comes from:

  • 43,5 % – Malware
    Domains that host and distribute any kind of malicious code.
  • 23,73 % – Command & control
    Ones that facilitate botnet communication to coordinate their activities. A botnet is a network of infected devices, which are controlled as a group.
  • 13,4 % – Coinminer
    Domains that hijack processing and energy resources for unsolicited cryptocurrency mining.
  • 10,47 % – Phishing
    Domains aim to trick users and usually extract sensitive information such as credit card details login credentials, etc.
  • 8,56 % – Other
    Domains are known to serve multiple nefarious purposes at the same time or over a longer period.
  • 0,34 % – SPAM
    Domains are used in spam and scam schemes. Not only email but also instant messaging and online discussions.

Customers are beginning to understand the threat or have already encountered fraudulent transactions. But they simply do not understand how to protect themselves. Because of this, they often start looking for antivirus. It requires time to install, update, configure, etc., which users do not want to waste. They need a simple, effortless cybersecurity solution.

And now ISPs can offer such one for their customers thanks to the collaboration of Splynx and Whalebone. It allows you to block all threats and see all dangers in your network. Users will also be able to assess the threats and harmful content of each family member individually.

Protecting your users can increase your liability, and make you receive additional revenue for this simultaneously.

Filter the content in your network

Our cybersecurity solution allows you to go further in providing excellent service. Now you will be able to decide what content your customers would like to see. And even more important – their dearest ones will see. Even in compliance with local regulatory restrictions.

As far as children are the “best” target audience for ads on video content platforms or in “free” games on their phones and tablets they are the least protected from its influence. The same goes for social media. About 7 out of 10 children feel worse (both mentally and physically) after regularly using it.

But now ISPs can provide their clients with unique content filters to keep their children away from dangerous impacts. It recognizes 4 types of content – adults, crime, entertainment and unwanted – which is 17 subcategories in total. Such as violence, gambling, social networks and ads. Besides, there is a possibility to block the content at a particular time of the day.
For an Internet provider, such a content filter allows you to increase customer satisfaction, as well as receive additional income by selling this security solution as an additional service.

Keeping your customers and their families away from cyber attacks and undesired content, making this process easy will let you build strong and loyal partnerships. And besides gaining additional benefits from it you will be able to impact making the internet safer for future generations.

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Safe Browsing for Your Customers

Anyone can become a target for a cyberattack. Raise users’ trust by providing an understandable cybersecurity solution...

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