Boosting ARPU for ISPs – The guide to selling cybersecurity solution

In recent years, cybersecurity has become a growing concern for internet users around the world. Studies show that 93% of internet users stated that they worry about cybersecurity, indicating the need for reliable security solutions. This is where ISPs can step in and provide their customers with a secure internet connection.

Born to protect and accelerate

The Whalebone Peacemaker, in conjunction with Splynx, is a cybersecurity solution for ISPs that helps to stand out from the competition by providing a reliable Internet connection and fast, secure browsing with a full-featured, on-premise, secure DNS resolver.

The Peacemaker streamlines the network, saves time and money as you no longer need to address user-generated security issues. In addition, deploying the Whalebone Peacemaker has been proven to provide significant benefits for internet providers.

For example, ISPs that have deployed this solution report a 14-point bump in net promoter score on average. This means that customers are more likely to recommend the ISP to their friends and family. Moreover, customers are more likely to stay with the ISP when a security product is offered, leading to a 50% lower churn rate. This not only boosts revenue but also helps to reduce customer acquisition costs on the backend.

Key points to remember

Communication is key when it comes to selling any type of security product. It is important to make the abstract concept of cybersecurity concrete and relatable to end-users. To achieve this, the best-performing ISPs take the time to produce content that is specific to each target customer group such as households, institutions and businesses. For instance, the marketing team should have a specific set of marketing descriptions about security that they can use to educate their target audience. The sales team should also present the security product in a way that customers can understand and relate to.

The first-rate ISPs understand this and use all available channels to spread awareness about their security products. By running awareness campaigns on social media after launching a new security product, ISPs educate the market on what cybersecurity is and show customers exactly how they’ll benefit from the product on a daily basis.

Tip: When communicating with customers, the 15-second rule is essential. Customers want to stay secure, but they don’t have the time or technical expertise to explore the different options available to them. If the benefits of the Whalebone Peacemaker cannot be explained in 15 seconds or less, then your marketing message needs to be simplified.

How to sell cybersecurity solutions to households, businesses and institutions

It’s important to understand how to monetize within the customer journey. This means identifying the key touchpoints where customers may be more likely to purchase or upgrade their security package.

Bundling security with other services is a great way to increase adoption rates. ISPs that add security as part of their core offering have seen adoption rates going through the roof. In fact, almost half of the customers are already offering some form of bundle with their security package. This is a growing trend, and many ISPs are now bundling security with their 5G packages for example, as they go well hand in hand.

Family plans are an excellent place to add security since everyone wants to make sure their loved ones are safe online. With the Whalebone Peacemaker’s one-click activation, the plan owner can easily add security to every device within the plan, making it an ideal choice for customers who want to safeguard their devices without any hassle. In terms of pricing, the majority of ISPs price their security offering between 5% and 10% of their ARPU. This opt-in model, where the customer takes active steps to add the service to their profile, has been successful for many internet providers, and they have seen significant returns on investment as a result.

Here’s the feedback from our client Lionel Redelinghuys, CEO of bitCONNECT, who successfully implemented Peacemaker into his products for privacy-conscious individuals, parents and businesses looking for affordable ways to enhance their online security and privacy:

“Our filtering products which are geared to the concerned parents are also well received by schools. We recently signed up a school who, again without any marketing effort, opted in for our highest option. Immediately this not only increases the revenue but our profit margin on that client”

New Revenue Stream

The Whalebone Peacemaker initiative is already more than 300% profitable in a short period of time for bitCONNECT. Check out their full success story on Splynx blog.

In the context of selling cybersecurity solutions, ISPs can take advantage of blocking pages to upsell to their existing customers and generate additional revenue from their offerings. When a customer attempts to access a blocked page, the ISP can display a message explaining why the page was blocked and offer the customer the option to purchase additional security features to access the page.

Blocking Page Integration

This provides an opportunity for ISPs to educate their customers about the importance of cybersecurity and how their security solution can protect them from potential threats.

We also recommend offering Peacemaker with a white-label portal for users to filter their own content. This not only makes it easy for customers to activate the security feature, but it also empowers them to take control of their online safety.

B2B/B2G customers have a great need to filter out adult content, social networks, and specific content categories, maintaining a safe and productive environment. Thus, offering enterprise cybersecurity solutions as part of your services can be a significant selling point. In your marketing messages, you can emphasize that Peacemaker cybersecurity solutions for small businesses eliminates the need for extensive technical expertise, time-consuming efforts, or dedicated security personnel to manage everything.

Additionally, do not be afraid to treat security as your core product, rather than a special add-on. You can allocate the same level of resources to security as you would to other core products. This includes dedicating time and effort to promote and educate your customers about the benefits of the security solution.


In conclusion, the Whalebone Peacemaker, in conjunction with Splynx, is a cybersecurity solution that ISPs can offer to their customers to provide a secure internet connection and set additional revenue flow. Deploying this solution has been shown to provide significant benefits for ISPs, including higher net promoter scores and lower churn rates. Apply for a 14-day free trial today and show your customers that their safety and satisfaction are your top priority.

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