White label client portal

Client portal automation allows ISPs to not only provide streamlined downstream services, but also reduce labor costs and solve internal operational problems.

Splynx billing system provides customized self-service client portals for Wireless ISP (WISP) users. Splynx also covers such important tasks as CRM, Network Management, Radius Server, and System Configurations. Splynx portals provide your clients with endless benefits ranging from 24-hour access, easy-to-use tools, service or product information, and NOC integration.

An automated client portal improves ISP customer service quality in the following ways:

1. Contact center call volumes reduction

40% of consumers prefer self-service over human contact, therefore the customer portal is a critical tool for working with clients. Client portals reduce the contact center’s requirement to deal with high call volumes pertaining to menial requests such as: changing service settings, upgrading products/services, enabling/disabling security settings, and viewing/downloading invoices and statements. Built for your business model, our custom portal relieves both the client and support staff from time-consuming (and frustrating) phone calls.

2. Cost reduction through business process automation

Splynx works with you to create a customized business automation system in the client portal, which streamlines triggered workflows actions such as activations, cancellations, and other seamless functions. Requests are seamlessly processed through the Splynx BSS platform. In turn, ISPs call center teams can focus on more complex client requests or queries that require human critical thinking and a personalized approach. Splynx’s automation allows ISPs to reduce operating costs and expand services critical to their growth.

3. Exclusive marketing and notifications

Another great benefit of having a personal area for clients is the ability to personalize targeted marketing. Thanks to Splynx notifications and reminders, the broadband provider has the opportunity to inform its customers both via SMS and e-mail and directly in the customer portal. Companies can incentivize clients to create an account in order to gain exclusive content and deals for events.

4. Secure customer billing and online payments

The portal designed to receive all critical information regarding payments and services in real-time is the most value-added component to your business. Secure your cash flow by providing your clients with a user-friendly and protected payment portal. Designed for your business, Splynx’s client portal provides the following services:

  • Client bill payment
  • Credit card payments
  • Online payment gateways support (such as Paypal and similar)
  • Payment card registration for future purchases
  • Receive invoices
  • Invoice history access
  • Payment analysis

Learn more about the customized Splynx portal:

1. Customer portal

2. General portal settings

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