The integration allows to pay invoices or refill balances via the PayFast gateway.

You can receive payments via PayPal using Splynx. Splynx generates invoices for services, that are sent to customers’ emails and to the Splynx portal. From the Splynx portal customers can pay the invoice using Paypal.

Splynx portal customer can pay the invoice using Paypal

When the customer clicks the PayPal button and applies to pay now, he is transferred to the PayPal page to make the payment.

Customers can use PayPal page to make the payment

Customers can also add a credit card on the PayPal payment webpage if they don’t have a PayPal account.

Customers can use PayPal payment webpage

After payment has been made, the invoice is marked as paid, a transaction in Splynx is created and the customer’s balance is changed.

There are several steps needed to configure the Splynx PayPal add-on:

1. Install the add-on with commands

apt-get update

apt-get install splynx-paypal

2. Activate developer’s tool in your PayPal account

Get the access to your business PayPal account.

ClientID and ClientSecret are the values Splynx needs. Click on the “Add new Rest API application”, and name it “Splynx”.

How to add new Rest API application

Then, you can find ClientID and Secret on the page of application. Important is to choose “Live” version, because it shows values for test Sandbox account by default.

Find ClientID and Secret on the page of application

When you got the ClientID and Secret, you can put it to Splynx server and connect Splynx with PayPal.

3. Configure Splynx to work with your PayPal account

Connect to Splynx server via SSH and edit file params.php located at:


“splynx_url” → “http://yoursplynxURL/”

“clientId” → “YOURPAYPALID”

“clientSecret” → “YOURPAYPALSECRET”

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