HTTPS/SSL installation

Here in Splynx we are working very intensively on configuration part of the system. Many things that were available for configuration over CLI we have put to the Splynx GUI configuration. One of such examples is HTTLS activation and SSL certificate installation.

You should always protect Splynx server with HTTPS, even if it’s used inside the ISP network. HTTPS and SSL provides critical security and data integrity your server and your user’s personal information.

From Splynx release 2.1,the HTTPS/SSL option can be found under Config -> Main -> HTTPS / SSL

Splynx allows you to import your existing certificate, that was verified by official authority. In this case administrator should upload the SSL private key and Certificate.

In case when you don’t have certificate, you can request the Let’s encrypt free certificate via Splynx configuration. Click on the Let’s Enrypt and save. Important is to enter the domain name or subdomain name that is linked to your Splynx server (point A entry in domain settings to Splynx server IP address)

Now you are two steps far from getting SSL ready and running – click Validate to obtain SSL certificate and then Activate to run the HTTPS. As a result you should see all status messages with green highlighting :

From now, Splynx runs on Secure connection. Let’s Encypt is a trusted free, automated, and open Certificate Authority.

Should you have any questions regarding SSL/HTTPS installation or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.