How to Use Splynx Billing Payment Reminders and Notifications


Splynx billing software was designed to make communicating flow with your clients as easy  and uncomplicated as possible. Automations play a key role in keeping the speed, efficiency and accuracy of processes. Splynx auto notifications and reminders ensure that both broadband providers and customers stay informed about their cases’ progress.

In Splynx billing system, you can create automated Notifications and Payment Reminders by entering them on Finance+configuration.

Notifications of Invoice Creation, Proforma Invoice or Payment

Each one of your notifications can be customized with the following parameters:

  • Automatically send a notification after creating – enable/ disable the option of sending notifications automatically after creating the Payment. 
  • Subject – write the subject of a notification message. 
  • Template – choose from different  templates for notifications
  • Delay in sending – choose how many hours the notification will be sent after the Payment creation. The options are: in 1, 3, 6, 12, 24, 48, 72 hours. 
  • Working days – select days of the week when notifications will be sent. It can be sent after selected delay in hours on the first working day and hour.
  • Working time – select working hours for the notification sending. Notification will be sent after selected delay in hours on the first working day.
  • Attach receipt – you can enable or disable the option to attach the receipt. (only for Proforma Invoice Notifications)

When Invoice, Proforma Invoice or Payment will be created customer will receive a notification by email with its attachment.

Prepaid Notifications 

Prepaid Notifications can be used to send to customers an email, SMS or email+SMS to notify them about their low balance and remind them to make a payment for broadband service. If a customer has Prepaid type of billing, he will also be notified from the broadband provider about his current balance in the Customer Portal → Services. Splynx billing software allows to generate 3 before blocking notifications and each of them can be configured with the following parameters:

  • Hour of sending – choose the hour when the Prepaid notification will be sent.
  • Send notification – enable\ disable the option of sending Prepaid notification
  • Days before blocking – choose and write how many days will be left until blocking the customer
  • Send to – select the sending option of prepaid notification: Mail, SMS or Mail+SMS. Information about configuring SMS can be found in our tutorial page – SMS config.
  • Subject – write the subject of Notification message.
  • Mail Template – choose a template for the mail notification.  
  • SMS Template – choose a template for the SMS notification.


Payment Reminders

Payment Reminders are used in Recurring billing. Splynx billing software allows to set payment reminder via email SMS or email+SMS three times for each past due batch.. Reminders can be set up with following parameters:

  • Enable Reminders – enable or disable automatic reminders. 
  • Message type – choose message type for sending reminders: Mail, SMS, Mail+SMS. Information about configuring SMS you can find in our tutorial page – SMS config.
  • Hour of sending – choose time for sending reminder
  • Reminder #1 day – select in how many days you’d like the First Reminder to be sent. 
  • Subject #1 – type a subject for the 1st Reminder
  • Reminder #2 day – select in how many days you’d like the Second Reminder to be sent.
  • Subject #2 – type a subject for 2dReminder
  • Reminder #3 day – select in how many days you’d like the Third Reminder to be sent. 
  • Subject #3 – type a subject for 3d Reminder
  • Attach unpaid invoices with reminders to email – choose this option to attach unpaid invoices to email. 

A great-looking user interface displays the “Calendar” next to “Reminders settings” so user can easy manage the schedule of reminders.

Find more information about how Splynx framework provide different notification options and reminder automation in our documentation website:

Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.