Defining User Roles, Permissions and Access

To achieve more granularity and tighten user account security, Splynx billing software supports multiple users that you can add, modify, or delete different settings, permissions, and roles.

During creation or editing a user account in Splynx software, you can determine a user role, add specific permissions, and allow or ban access at different levels.

Splynx makes it easy for ISP manager to assign permissions by providing pre-defined “roles” to choose from. These roles and their permissions are fully customizable at the administrator level.  By selecting one of the pre-defined roles (Super administrator Administrator, Customer creator, Financial Manager, Manager, New Role) during user account creation, billing system applies the relevant permission settings for that role. All permissions are fully controlled through configurable user roles that determine which users have access to which data sets and system functions. There is no limit to the number of roles that can be created, allowing granular control of users in your business.

The intuitive Splynx Admin control panel bands together all the options required to configure the roles and permission groups and has a flexible structure.

To assign a role for a user account in Splynx billing software, go through the following steps:

  1. In the Account section of the main navigation, click Administration settings.
  2. Select Roles tab and create a list of all user account who will manage Splynx (click Add User icon in the upper-right corner).

From the Select a Role dropdown menu, select one of the following user roles:

  • Super Administrator
  • Administrator
  • Customer creator
  • Financial manager
  • Manager
  • New Role (To customize your own roles)

After you select a particular role for the user account, Splynx management system automatically applies the pre-defined permissions for that role (based on the most typical settings). If necessary, you can additionally customize permission levels (add, modify, or delete) for a user in after selecting a role in the Permissions tab:

Main fields for changes will be: 

  • Dashboard 
  • Tariff plans 
  • Customers 
  • Finance
  • Networking 
  • Support 
  • Administration
  • Config 

By clicking on each field, you will be able to change particular permissions for different subcategories of that field.

The Splynx supports two-factor authentication. A configuration security feature that enables system administrators to implement customized access to Splinx software tools by setting Google authenticator.

Default roles in detail

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