ISP Inventory management

Inventory management

Splynx brings Internet providers efficient and simple way to manage their inventory and stock. Feature is available from 2.0 release.
Inventory dashboard shows amount of items, products, suppliers and invoices in the system. Splynx allows to scan and quickly work with barcodes.

Suppliers are companies that sell equipment and issue invoices. Splynx stores and links items/equipment units with particular supplier’s invoice.

Products are routers, switches, cable units, antennas and similar. Administrator can define default price that will be used by system when equipment is rented or sold to customer. Vendors section store information about producers of equipment such as Mikrotik, Cisco, Radwin or Ubiquiti.

Items is the most used section, it’s a common table with all equipment units. Administrator is able to assign equipment units to other administrator, set as internally used, move units from stock to customer or mark them as broken and send back to supplier.



Barcodes. You can use any barcode reader and scan barcodes of equipment when entering it to stock. Then find simply equipment unit using it’s barcode. Our search barcode feature allows to select multiple barcodes and work quickly with barcode scanner instead of typing long useless numbers.















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Please check inventory management in video tutorial :