Enhance Your ISP Business with Customer Portal Mobile App

According to a Compuware Corporation global study of consumer mobile application expectations and experiences, 85% of survey respondents prefer mobile apps over mobile-friendly websites (websites designed to adapt to mobile screens). This preference stems from the convenience and ease of app navigation. With this in mind, Splynx is excited to introduce our updated Customer Portal Mobile App, designed specifically for Internet Service Providers (ISPs).

Challenges for ISPs

Creating a mobile app for an ISP can be challenging. High development costs and the need for seamless integration with billing systems are significant hurdles. Moreover, white-labeling issues with third-party solutions due to App Store and Google Play restrictions complicate the process. However, Splynx has developed an innovative solution to these challenges, ensuring a fully customizable and branded mobile app experience.

Key Features to Look for in an ISP Mobile App

A robust ISP customer portal mobile app should include the following:

  • Ability to manage account details and settings.
  • Ability to easily top-up balance or pay invoices.
  • Easy access to internet usage and service statistics.
  • Effortless communication with tech support directly.
  • Ability to self-manage or upgrade tariff plans.

Comprehensive Features of the Splynx Customer Portal Mobile App

Download Customer Portal Mobile app for ISPs

The Splynx Customer Portal Mobile App, available on both Android and iOS platforms, connects to Splynx via API, ensuring consistent access and functionality. Your customers can easily download the app on your Customer Portal.

The mobile app offers:

Profile and Document Management

  • Change personal details and passwords
  • Access uploaded documents
  • Review FAQs

Financial Management

  • View balances, invoices, transactions, and payments
  • Pay for services or top-up balance via payment gateway
  • Set up subscriptions with a credit card or bank account for automatic charges
  • Remove saved cards or bank accounts

Service Management

  • Change services and tariff plans
  • Stop or pause their tariff plan
  • Change service password

Usage and Statistics

  • Check internet and VoIP service usage and statistics.

Support Communication

  • Create, close, or check the status of support tickets and communicate with support representatives.

Splynx ISP Customer Portal App posibilities

ISP Mobile App White-Labeling

One of the main advantages of our Customer Portal mobile app for ISPs is its white-labeling capability. This feature allows Internet providers to display their company logo on the app’s icon and login screen, providing a branded experience for their customers. Splynx has developed a method to achieve this despite the App Store’s and Google Play’s limitations.

White-labeling options for ISP mobile app

Steps to White-Label Your App

  1. Upload your company logo: Ensure your logo is uploaded to your Splynx billing portal. Check out this guide.
  2. Generate favicons in Splynx: Navigate to Config > Preferences > Generate favicons and upload your logo icon. Favicons help with brand recognition in browser tabs and bookmarks.Generate favicons in Splynx
  3. Request white-labeling for your app from our team: Create a ticket by emailing support@splynx.com to request white-labeling for your ISP Customer Portal app. Our team will assist you in updating your app.

Splynx ISP Mobile app white-labeling example


The updated Splynx Mobile App for Customer Portal is a game-changer for ISPs. Implementing a customer portal app offers significant benefits for ISPs. Firstly, it helps reduce churn by providing better service and a more streamlined customer experience. The convenience of paying via the mobile app increases on-time payments.  Additionally, the app’s white-labeling capability enhances branding by letting ISPs customize the app with their logo. Improved communication is another key advantage, as customers can easily interact with support teams through the app, leading to faster issue resolution and higher customer satisfaction.

Experience our system with a 15-day free trial with no feature restrictions or complicated setups. Try it free today to discover all we have to offer!

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