Top up data

Sell additional data to customers using TopUp Splynx feature ! CAP is limiting the access after reaching data limit, Top up allows to increase this limit.
How to configure monthly limit CAP is described in the article –
As soon as our customer reaches his month limit of data, Splynx blocks the Internet access.





There are many ways to top up the data in Splynx software:

Top up from administrative access
As administrator you can top up customers data from the admin access
1. For example, in order to do it manually it is needed to select a top-up plan, chose the number of MB and arrange the price. For instance, 200 of MB would cost 10 $. After that the rule gets updated and reflects the added to the customer’s account traffic.


2. It is also possible to update the data through choosing the data plan. In this particular case the administrator doesn’t have to type any information, just picks the already existing plan. It also can be immediately tracked in the rule section.


3. Third option is to enable auto top-up to the customer account. By choosing this option our users get all the update done automatically by our Splynx feature. All the information about transactions is always visible in the billing and invoices sections.








Self top up from portal
Self top up allows the Splynx client top up his traffic through the portal. Customer’s data will be immediately increased and access to Internet is restored. Our clients can also pay before the top up will be applied. Moreover, Splynx allows to manage the invoices settings. It helps our clients to get the update notifications in advance.

Splynx data top up feature simplifies the work for our clients and makes the process easy and clear.