Prepaid billing in Splynx

In version 1.2 of our system we have added feature of full prepaid billing. It’s used when ISP charges customer in advance and provide him access for certain period of time. When balance of the customer reaches set limit, he is disconnected. Each customer has a type of billing – “Recurring payments” and “Prepaid”.

To set up hard prepay we need to change the billing type of the customer to Prepaid.













Then we define what is the value of customer’s balance when Splynx will block his access to internet. By default it is set to “0”, but it can be changed in configuration of each customer in the field “Minimal balance”.














After setting up type “Prepaid”, we need to add a payment to customer’s account. For example, 20 USD has been added.
















The deposit of the customer changed to 20 USD.















Let’s add a service of 5 Mbps for 40 USD/month. Splynx calculates the daily rate of the plan and charges user every day. There are 30 days in October, so daily rate is 1,33 USD. Tomorrow balance of the customer will be changed from 40 USD to 38,66 USD and will continue decreasing every day according to his plan.



In this particular situation, when customer has 20$ as a deposit, he will get access for 15 days. Then he reaches “0” on his balance and Splynx will block him.
If we check the deposit of the customer the next day, it will be reduced based on the daily fee:













Also one transaction has been added, which shows how much we charged. This transaction is updated every day and it shows the total amount of money that has been taken from customer’s deposit.


If “Make invoices (after to charge)” is enabled, Splynx will generate an invoice for consumed services  on a first day of the next month.

You can find how to setup blocking in Splynx in other article:

Description of prepaid billing engine is available on video below:


Our engineers will always assist you in proper billing cycle configuration. Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.