Paid Wi-Fi and Vouchers. Managing Hotspots with Powerlynx

The RADIUS server is embedded in the Splynx core and provides various services to end-users. To learn more about it, read “Splynx Radius server.

Updated. This guide was first published eight years ago and only related to Splynx’s hotspot add-on. Since then, we’ve launched and are currently developing Powerlynx, a dedicated hotspot management platform. So, it has become much easier for WISPs and businesses to launch and monetize Wi-Fi hotspots, especially with the help of connectivity vouchers.

Handling Wi-Fi Vouchers in Splynx

One of Splynx popular services is hotspot access for hotels, conference halls, etc. This one allows businesses to manage and control paid access to Wi-Fi so that they can provide service for frequent/regular and one-time access using printed vouchers. Our platform still offers main voucher functionality to build and manage a hotspot network, with a captive portal, online payments, and a few other options. The screens below are a quick demo tutorial on configuring customized vouchers in Splynx.

Create Wi-Fi vouchers in Splynx, print them, and distribute offline

You can define the voucher prices, download and upload speeds, and the amount of data the Wi-Fi user can download and upload with the voucher, among other things. Once vouchers are generated, you can edit and customize each one and set up the customer’s contact details using the cards.

Manage and configure Wi-Fi vouchers in Splynx

Each voucher has its own statistics, the charge of usage, and other detailed information:

Check our detailed documentation for more technical details about voucher functions in Splynx.

However, we’ve recently launched Powerlynx, a dedicated, more flexible platform designed to assist ISPs and businesses in launching and monetizing affordable Wi-Fi hotspots. Our new product has adopted all the key functionalities from the old Splynx-Hotspot module and also offers additional features and enhanced flexibility.

How Wi-Fi Vouchers Work in Powerlynx

Custom vouchers, one of Powerlynx’s core features, make paying for internet access easy. Users can conveniently purchase Internet plans from the splash page with just a few clicks.

Vouchers are one of the key payment instruments for countries with fragmented payment landscapes and the prevalent use of cash, like South Africa. Especially useful for cash-only venues, while for the rest, it is a valuable addition to familiar online payments.

Use voucher for Wi-Fi access


Powerlynx enables you to easily create, customize, print, and distribute Wi-Fi connectivity vouchers to control traffic usage and prevent network abuse. This one is fundamental for businesses or public venues that want to give reliable internet for clients and a decent amount of revenue.

Monitor and Deactivate Wi-Fi Vouchers

Once created, vouchers are assigned to custom plans and specific locations, with everything needed fully adjusted. More specifically, with Powerlynx’s voucher functions, WISPs, and businesses can manage and control all key elements:

  • Access and Usage. Configure a voucher template and specify its validity period, traffic limits, online time limits, and the maximum number of devices that can connect using it simultaneously; use location-based settings across multiple hotspots, all manageable from a single centralized hub.
  • Monitor and Deactivate. Get a comprehensive overview of all created vouchers, their status, and statistics; generate session-based or voucher-based reports to monitor data usage, voucher validity, online time, and more.
  • Print and Export. Create a series of vouchers, export them, and print them. When saving a file in PDF format, choose from dark and light themes.

So, if you’re looking for a user-friendly Wi-Fi hotspot management and billing solution without costly server infrastructure or technical expertise, Powerlynx is your go-to solution. We offer a 21-day free trial to test everything live without any feature limitations and clearly understand whether it is right for you. If you have any questions or want more details, please visit Powerlynx website and contact us.

We are actively adding new features and have a busy roadmap. We recently added limit notifications to inform customers about their voucher usage with timely SMS alerts. Plus, Powerlynx now seamlessly integrates with Splynx, which creates a value-added service for those who deploy or plan to launch a hotspot project, with the opportunity to enable easy access and free internet for existing customers.

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