Self-registration in the Splynx portal

ISP clients can sign in to the Splynx customer portal using their Google, Facebook, or Twitter accounts. In the Splynx customer portal, the ISP subscribers can find information about Internet usage statistics, phone calls, invoices, and pay their invoices online, change their existing server terms, and order new services.

They don’t have to remember their username and passwords to their ISP portal. Our social login feature supports two of the most popular social networks:

1. Facebook

Nowadays Facebook is the most popular social network worldwide. More than two billion users are currently using Facebook, so most of your clients probably do.

Facebook Login Page

2. Google account

If the customer isn’t logged in Google, they will be prompted to log into Google and then redirected to the Splynx portal.

Company Gmail Login Page

3. Twitter

Twitter is known as the real-time microblogging social network where news appears first. It has more than 300 million active users and it’s widely used by active people around the world.

Company Twitter Login Page

As you can see it’s a very useful feature, which can improve your clients’ user experience. 

Watch the video with the detailed overview of this feature below:

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