Splynx development diary

In this diary, we’ll keep you posted about the latest news from the Splynx development. So that it’ll be easier for you to find the latest entry, we’ll post the updates in reverse chronological order.

Self-checkout feature for Customer Portal

Wednesday, August 3, 2022

It’s undeniable that customer experience is of utmost importance when it comes to your business growth. We keep on working on the Customer Portal, and there’s one more thing that will improve your service provisioning and overall customer satisfaction.

From the next Splynx version, we’ll extend Customer Portal functionality with a new feature — a self-checkout form which means that the customer will be able to select a service from the Customer Portal and immediately proceed to checkout.

Service Checkout feature in Splynx

This will allow you to instantly provide the service to the customer without extra interaction with your team, which is a massive time and money-saving improvement.


Customer Portal

Thursday, June 30, 2022

We’re excited to share what we’ve been doing since the latest Splynx 4.0 update up to this point. We continue our course toward the overall system simplification and now it’s Customer Portal turn. Since more and more customers are relying on self-service portals to simplify their daily routine, updating the Customer Portal became the pressing issue we had to solve.

The updated Customer Portal will offer diverse feature sets:

  • Managing billing and payment methods, downloading invoices, making payments, and communicating with your support team will be much easier for your end customers. But it’s still will be up to you to decide what self-servicing opportunities will be shown to customers in the portal because you configure them in the portal settings.

“My services” in the Customer Portal

  • You’ll be able to provide your customers with the possibility to pause their data usage (for example, when they’re off on the holiday).
  • And lastly, your clients will be able to order new services directly on the Portal. No similar functionality in the previous interface meant that your customers had to switch between the portal and your website every time they wanted a new service.

Portal Services Checkout Screen

Long story short, the updated Customer Portal with easy navigation and an extended feature set will empower your customers to solve a bunch of questions on their own reducing their interaction with your support. Reducing this interaction means that your staff will have more time to focus on other important issues.

And now onto other changes…

UX/UI design

Customer portal updated interface UX/UI design can be immediately recognized as a part of one Splynx system. That is what we striving to achieve within this and upcoming releases — consistency throughout the entire Splynx system.


Compared to the old Dashboard, the updated one will have fewer blocks. The blocks themselves will contain more information but in a more organized way. The Dashboard will contain exhaustive information to pay for the services, order the new ones, and pause their current data usage.

This is how the updated Dashboard will look like in Splynx Customer Portal


The finance module will be also simplified. Your customer will see all payments, invoices, credit notes, etc. on a single table. Previously this information was scattered across different pages.

In summary, the updated Customer Portal is going to be transparent, easier to navigate, and will also include additional features that will provide value to you and your customers.


Hotspot add-on

Wednesday, May 4, 2022

Being constantly on the go, people want to stay connected to their busy lives anywhere: at the airports, coffee shops, hotels, and conference halls. 

This made us think about the new Hotspot add-on to provide you with an opportunity to expand your network with hotspot service and offer services to distributors at these locations. These can increase your monetization opportunities and assist you in growing your business.

How will it work?

Under the “hood”, after you configure the Hotspot add-on, it gets connected to the voucher system. If you’re familiar with the generation of vouchers, you’ll find it stunningly easy — with a setup add-on, you won’t have to manually generate vouchers, this will be done automatically. 

How to generate vouchers in Splynx

From the customer’s side, it’ll work just as quickly. From a new interface, the users will be able to register, choose a tariff plan and pay for it online on the spot. The possible flow consists of three steps:

1. If a user is not registered, they’re offered to enter their phone number:

Hotspot addon in Splynx

2. They need to enter a verification code which is sent to the mobile phone:

Hotspot addon in Splynx

3. A user sees the screen with the tariff plan and chooses one of their likings:

Hotspot addon in Splynx

4. That’s it. The customer can enjoy using the internet. 

Please remember that these screenshots of interfaces are likely to change in the future because we’re currently in the active development phase. Consider it a sneak-peek into what this incredible feature is about.

Here you can read more about the Hotspot feature: “Hotspot add-on in Splynx 4.0“.


Whalebone integration with Splynx

Monday, April 25, 2022

One of the key points for each ISP is to make sure customers have a great experience on the Internet and that they can access web services as securely and safely as possible. To achieve this, you have to constantly identify threats such as malicious traffic, spam, malware, blacklisting of IPs, etc., and have a simple way to block these services entirely from your network or specific customers.

It’s also a common practice for local government authorities to request to identify your customers’ activity on the Internet or block some services.

To make your life easier, we decided to integrate with Whalebone service and now finalizing the development of a new Splynx add-on. To learn more about Whalebone, follow this link.

Speaking of the Whalebone module, it’ll enable you to quickly check and analyze DNS security issues for the entire network or customers’ activity directly in Splynx.

This is what its interface looks like:

Networking Dashboard

Networking / Security threads

Splynx dashboard

Customer’s security issues

Customer profile / Security

The security tab will be available on each customer profile displaying all security issues associated with the client.

Customer's security issues on the dashboard in Splynx

The module will be compatible with Splynx starting from v4.0 and will be rolled out along with the stable Beta release in May 2022.


WhatsApp integration with Splynx

Wednesday, April 20, 2022

Our main goal is to constantly improve the product and the service around it. Thus we have a page for the feature request that enables Splynx to fit the market demand. 

In 2021, we processed 129 requests. The most popular request that gathered 55 votes was WhatsApp integration with Splynx.

We’ve completed deep research on how this integration could work. So far, we can only consider this integration through the WhatsApp business partner “Twillo”. 

Here are the possible features of this integration:

  1. Send session messages — can be used for online support.
  2. Send template messages according to your request.
  3. Send automatic template messages.

*Twilio/WhatsApp Business must confirm all the templates.

Unfortunately, the integration has appeared to be paid, as WhatsApp Business charges for its API and the phone number allowed by WhatsApp Business. You can check out the prices for Twilio services in your region here

*The fee applies to every message that is sent. 

Due to this fact, we’ve surveyed our customers to check-in and find out what they think about these terms. Most customers appeared to be not ready to use this integration at this price. Considering all the above, we decided not to place WhatsApp Business integration into a roadmap for now.  

What are your thoughts about this integration? Please take this brief form to let us know your opinion.


How are things going with Splynx 4.0?

The official public Beta release is delayed due to the reasons mentioned in the previous entry 👇However, we’re working non-stop to deliver all objectives captured in the roadmap. 

So getting straight to the point, we’re happy to announce that the development of all the defined features is finished 🥳 The Alpha version was rolled out at the beginning of March. Currently, our QA team is actively going through every inch of the system. They will leave no stone unturned to make sure there are no bugs, and the system works without a hitch. 

Meantime, we took another important step last week — migrated our billing system to the 4.0 Beta version. As you might know, our company also runs all its processes in Splynx, so before installing a Beta version to a first customer, we need to take a close look at the system in a real environment to release it in perfect shape. As of now, it’s smooth sailing. 


Splynx vision sync

Tuesday, April 12, 2022

We’ve always been a distributed team. Our offices are located in Ukraine, the Czech Republic, Spain, and South Africa — not to mention home offices in other countries and cities. To sync up our vision concerning product development, we put together our heads during our weekly vision sync meetings and make balanced decisions based on the team voting — we value every team member viewpoint.

Splynx vision sync meeting

We decided to take more time with 4.0 development, which explains why our update is so distinguishly late. We wanted to give it a bit more of a ‘Splynx treatment’… 

For clarity, we’ve been working on simplifying customer onboarding, overall system configuration, and billing flow, adding partial payments and overpayment. Really the list goes on. To not pile up this entry, we’ll break all improvements into separate entries and touch upon each feature and the logic behind it in more detail. 

Also, we can’t but let you know about another thing that broke into and reshaped our expected release timeframe — Russia’s cruel and brutal attack on Ukraine carried out on Putin’s order. Most of our development team members dwell in Ukraine, and now their priority number one is to take care of their safety and the safety of their families. But even in these darkest hours, we don’t stop resisting Russia’s unprovoked invasion, working and developing Splynx 4.0. So don’t even expect us to give up 😉

Stay tuned!


Idea Behind This Diary

Monday, April 11, 2022

We want to keep you posted about product development to show you the math behind the scenes.

Firstly, we aim to:

  • Show you what the Splynx team is currently working on.
  • Reveal the new product interface.
  • Give you an overview of the core system and the changes we’ve made to that system.
  • Cross the bridge between you and the development process to answer your most crucial questions.

Stay with us and watch for updates!

Let’s get to know each other

It’s the first chapter of our development diary but far from the first day of meticulous development of the brand-new 4.0 version of Splynx. 

First of all, we want to introduce our team, who has been diligently working on the new features and other massive improvements for more than ten months so far.

Ruslan Malymon, CTO

  • Senior Software Developer with over 15 years of experience in ISP billing solutions. His journey in the ISP industry started from developing a custom billing system for a major internet provider.
  • He builds the strategy of Splynx tech development and defines all DevOps and tech processes. He’s responsible for all aspects: repositories, versioning, dependencies, frameworks, technical definitions.

Oleksii Fedoryshyn, TL/BE/HR

  • Oleksii and Ruslan are pioneers who started the development of the first version of Splynx.
  • He manages development team using technologies such as PHP, Yii, MySQL, NodeJS, and VueJs. He defines technical tasks and controls that they are delivered timely. 

Andrii Moroz, PM, UX/UI

  • 14 years of experience in UX / UI design. Worked with large SaaS products of different types.
  • As a UX and Product Manager, he’s responsible for the user experience and simplification of product logic, primarily for users, but also for the development team. He makes sure that more than 1000 tasks achieve one common goal — a quality product release. He tests key hypotheses with customers and the team before putting them into development.
  • Wong Kar-wai is his favorite film director.

Mariya Kukharchuk, TL/FE

  • Works as a Front-end developer since 2012. Thanks to her skill to organize everything in a systematic way, she always knows how to find easy solutions for complex tasks. She can bring any design of any complexity level into life.
  • In 4.0, she developed a custom theme on a Bootstrap basis, came up with a class system for a complex user interface — everything with future development opportunities in mind. She’s also responsible for existing frontend code, its refactoring, improvement, and optimization. 
  • Falls for jigsaw puzzles.  

Ostap Yeris, TL/QA

  • Works as a QA engineer since 2018.
  • He catches the bugs and ensures the overall quality of the product (Splynx and mobile apps). Among his professional skills, it’s worth mentioning Selenoid, Selenium, WebDriver, Jenkins, Ansible, codeception.
  • Gearhead.

Vasyl Kotovets, TL/BE

  • Team Lead and PHP developer with 5 years of experience in this industry, particularly, in Splynx.
  • As for Splynx 4.0, his responsibilities are centered mainly around the billing flow, optimization, tests, and other activities. 
  • Plays the guitar, it took him 4 years to become a team lead. 

This is not a complete list of people who are currently taking part in product development. The Splynx team consists of a full-fledged engineering team and product, support, marketing, and sales teams — who are also doing their tangible contribution in bringing the enhanced product closer to you