Paid Integration – Direct Assistance from Splynx Engineers

Splynx software has great customization possibilities that allow almost every ISP to accomplish unique business requirements. Our professional support team will gladly guide you and provide assistance supervision during the deployment process.

What is included in the initial deployment?

  • Migration of customer’s database. It can be exported from Excel, CSV, or from any Radius server database.

Assistance with:

  • Customer’s and admin’s AAA – Radius or Mikrotik API, if needed.
  • Setting the FUP, CAP and TOP UP plans.
  • Checking speed limitations.
  • Billing engine configuration – prepaid and recurring.
  • Minor changes in existing PDF templates – add/remove lines, add variables and similar. If you require a complete PDF design, this is a paid option.
  • Configuration of Email/SMS templates – invoices, payments, monitoring notifications.
  • Setting correct blocking days, notifications, and reminder days.

Some of our clients prefer to get direct assistance from our engineers with system configuration, integration or connection of the routers in order to eliminate mistakes and streamline the deployment process. We understand that businesses usually are limited in time and resources to perform prompt migration to a new platform, so in such cases, when clients prefer us to do all the work, we created a Paid Integration option.


How does it work?

Imagine that you hired our engineer to work for you. Our technician will do the required configuration remotely, you just need to schedule a suitable time for a meeting to discuss migration and deployment steps and we will start the work.

The cost of such deployment is 70 USD/hour and it goes in packages available in 5-hour increments. Each ISP is unique and it’s hard to predict how much time the implementation will take to complete. We usually suggest the starter package (5 hours) and if needed, upgrade to another 5-hour package to complete the project.

If you wish to take advantage of paid integration, please submit a ticket with the subject Paid Integration and we will reach out to you to discuss all the details.

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