How Splynx helped American ISP switch from multiple solutions to one unified system

BluBroadband, United States


BluBroadband ISP is a regional internet service provider specializing in the Multi-Dwelling Unit (condominiums, apartments, shared-housing) and Enterprise markets In the Florida Panhandle. They are a hybrid, technology agnostic provider with the majority of their assets being fiber-backed fixed wireless. BluBroadband ISP focuses on the customer experience from deploying robust QoE across the network, peering at the data center level and a managed Wi-Fi offering to each subscriber.

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United States

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Before Splynx

  • 4-5 different solutions
  • A lot of manual processes
  • Difficulties with the sales
  • Limited opportunities

With Splynx

  • One unified system
  • Software costs savings
  • Lower support volume with customer portal
  • Automated sales, ticketing and support processes

The challenge

As an American ISP with a small team of 4 people, BluBroadband was searching for a solution that would enable them to manage their network more effectively and help grow their business. Despite trying several mainstream solutions on the market, they soon realized that they required additional APIs to customize their network management to meet their business needs. One of the most time-consuming tasks for BluBroadband was manually locking non-payers, which was a bottleneck in their operations.

After trying Splynx v.3.0, BluBroadband found that it required a lot of improvements to align with the specifics of their operations. They were particularly concerned about the workflow and found that it was not ideal for their business requirements. However, they remained optimistic and kept their eyes open for newer versions of Splynx. Eventually, when Splynx v.4.0 was released, BluBroadband found that it was a game-changer for their business.

BluBroadband found that we addressed all the issues in a new release and provided solutions to their requirements. The five main reasons for them to make the final switch to Splynx v.4.0 were:

  • New UI&UX
  • New customer portal
  • Advanced device provisioning capabilities in Splynx with TR-069
  • Splynx is an open and self-based platform so all the data is secured
  • Robust ticketing system

The solution

After migrating to Splynx, BluBroadband experienced significant improvements in their operational efficiency. Their existing processes remained pretty much unchanged, but they were now integrated into a unified system that enabled faster and smoother operations. The deployment of TR-069 across the network played a crucial role in this success, as it allowed them to automate provisioning and centrally manage all CPE devices.

Before migrating to Splynx, BluBroadband was using 4-5 products to cover various aspects of their operations. This approach was not only expensive but also led to fragmentation and inefficiencies. However, with Splynx, they were able to consolidate all of these products into one, which resulted in reduced software costs and a more streamlined workflow.

Splynx has added provisioning and all of the things we’ve wanted to do over the years but no system could really support them
Spencer Pous,

The new UI & UX enhancements have made the structure of Splynx simple and easy-to-use for both network managers and customers using the portal. The portal has had a significant impact on sales growth for small and medium-sized ISP businesses. BluBroadband has empowered their customers to manage their service plans, which has helped to increase sales. Bulk deals have played a significant role in bringing additional revenue to the company’s sales process. The ability to show tailored plans to a specific customer in a specific location has been a deal-breaker, as customers are not frustrated searching through all available services but see a personalized set of plans available in their area.

Before using Splynx, Spencer, the CEO of BluBroadband, found it impossible to manage new leads scattered across email messages without a proper CRM system. After arriving at the site, he also didn’t have information on which services customers had applied for. However, Splynx has changed their game by creating an automated workflow, starting from a potential customer to a lead, followed by creating a task and sending a text message to that task. This automated workflow has helped the BluBroadband team to improve customer communication, such as being able to do site surveys and notifying customers about progress on those sites within days instead of weeks. For that Splynx helps them to capture new customers who want everything automated and do not want to call their service provider.

No other system understands ticketing and support processes. Our team has loved working in the ticketing system of Splynx
Spencer Pous,

BluBroadband’s team has found one of the most loved features of Splynx to be its ability to automate tickets and provide separate ticket boards. They are now able to streamline their support processes and ensure that customer inquiries and issues are dealt with promptly. This has led to significant improvements in customer satisfaction, as issues are resolved faster, and customers are kept informed of the progress being made on their tickets.

I wanted to give a shoutout to Splynx. I had a critical VM host fail over the weekend. Not only was restoring from backup simple as can be (on a fresh install), but the few issues I did experience, Splynx responded to my tickets and solved within 15 minutes of opening tickets, on a weekend. This is exactly what I need (and expect) in a partner!
Spencer Pous,

BluBroadband highly values the customizations that we offer, as it enables them to tailor their system to their specific business requirements quickly and easily. With the Splynx support team being responsive and efficient in addressing support tickets, the development process of their own modules has become smooth and seamless. It is crucial for them to have a solution that can be customized to meet their unique needs and requirements without having to rely on multiple integrations. The ability to develop and implement custom modules within a matter of hours has been invaluable for the BluBroadband team.

I hate all the integrations because at some point they are gonna break. And I don’t wanna be an IT guy for my company. I already do it for my customers. Having that development that i don’t have to use other tools to come into Splynx is great.
Spencer Pous,

In addition to providing customizations, Splynx also offers valuable integrations that the BluBroadband team finds useful. For instance, they use Whalebone Peacemaker integration with Splynx as a protective DNS resolver to help them stand out from the competition by keeping all their customers safe. They promote it as a BluShield that secures their users against all different types of cyber threats. Before adopting this integration, managing DNS servers was a time-consuming task that required a lot of manual effort. But with Splynx, this process is now automated, allowing the team to focus on more critical aspects of running their business.

The results

  • Customer portal: reduced support volume to 4-5 calls per week
  • Improved sales process: automated workflow to manage leads
  • Everything under one roof: one unified system instead of 4-5 solutions
  • Advanced device provisioning with TR-069
  • Automated ticketing and support processes, leading to significant improvements in customer satisfaction