General information about the Splynx

What is Splynx?

How can we benefit from Splynx?

How to get started?

What is included in the license?

Can I import my existing data into Splynx?

Do you have an API?



How much does the license cost?

How do you count license subscribers?

Can I pay monthly for the license?

Do you provide a perpetual license?



How to install Splynx?

What are the system requirements for Splynx server?

What equipment/routers does Splynx support?

How to backup my Splynx server?

Do you help with integration/deployment?


BIlling and Invoicing

How does the billing engine work?

What billing types are supported?

How does voice billing engine works?

What payment systems does Splynx support?


Networking and Troubleshooting

Invoices are not created automatically

My license is too old

How to troubleshoot Radius timeout?

How to set a speed limitation with Mikrotik API?

How do I change the logo for admin and portal?

How do I install SSL for Splynx?

How to configure Huawei GPON management in Splynx?

How to configure and manage CPE in Splynx?

How to configure a hotspot on Mikrotik router?

Contention management in Splynx?

How to add service to the bundle?

How do I configure sms notifications/sending in Splynx?