Splynx Sage One Integration

After a recent integration with Sage One, Splynx allows Internet and Voice providers to manage the business more efficiently. It is possible to automate the accounting process synchronization easily.

In this article, we would like to share the information on how Splynx synchronizes with Sage One and other accounting platforms.

It is important to understand how the synchronization works. This process can be divided into 3 steps.

First of all, we push out Items from Sage One to Splynx, as they will help us to identify and track account numbers, to see where transactions go when we create certain services, etc.

Everything is managed inside Splynx, so we take customers from Splynx’s database and push them out to Sage One. While Items are synchronized once, the customers are synchronized every hour. It is also possible to enforce this process by pressing the button ‘Customers’ in Config > Integrations > Splynx Sageone Accounting, so you will be able to push customers into Sage One instantly.

The second step is the synchronization of Invoices and Transactions with correct account numbers by pushing them out to Sage One. This is an automated process, however, you can always enforce the synchronization by clicking ‘Invoices’ in Config > Integrations > Splynx Sageone Accounting.

The last step is to receive payments. They are done inside the Sage One, you can easily connect your bank account or Sage Pay and push them out, so the invoices will be immediately marked as ‘Paid’ in Splynx.

 Please review the video description to see the Sage One integration in action:

Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.

IntegraPay payments processing in Splynx

Every business needs to get paid. Now Australian, New Zealand WISPs can process recurring billing by Direct Debit or take credit card payments online through IntegraPay using Splynx software. For more information about supported payment systems, please check out the article here.

IntegraPay is a Splynx add-on. It uses to synchronize customers, invoices and payments with payment software – IntegraPay. Customers using IntegraPay can pay their invoices using credit card on Portal or you can charge your customers bank accounts by debit orders.

Splynx generates invoices for services every month, that are sent to customer’s email and to Splynx portal. Сustomer can make a payment from the Portal by clicking the Credit Card icon and pressing the button Pay Now.

Should you have any questions regarding the configuration or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.

Manage your support processes within the Splynx platform

Splynx is a complete solution that allows ISPs to manage a lot of business processes in one place instead of switching across different platforms. We brought our ticketing system to the next level in the v.2.3.  

Ticketing platform is tailored to telecoms-specific needs taking into consideration all the feedbacks from our customers. This means that you can do much more than just replying to the emails. Assign the tickets to the right person,  prioritize the work and schedule the tasks for the technicians, it is all done to increase productivity.

  • Smart notifications:

          Create your custom notifications for your stuff and customers every time when there is an update or activity in the ticket.

  • Canned replies

Save your time by replying with the same answers over and over again by creating and using your own canned replies.

  • Activity log and notes

View the agent and tickets activity to be always aware of what is going on.

  • Scheduling

Schedule the task for your administrators and field technicians within a ticket.


Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.

Custom prepaid billing and one-time services

Customer orientation is the key objective for Splynx company as we continuously adding features that our customers request. Starting from v.2.3 our billing engine becomes more powerful and flexible for any ISP. 

It is possible to charge customers daily, monthly or by any set period with the custom prepaid plans. Let’s imagine that we need to provide Internet access only for 7 days:

The desired custom period can be set to new service while creation or set for any existing service.

The customer with ‘Weekly Plan’ will be blocked in 7 days, in case a new payment was not done.

It is also possible to set the custom charged period for every customer from billing settings.

One more feature that makes life easier is One-Time services. Every provider has Installation, Maintenance or other one time charges needed to be added to the final invoice.

The service can be added directly from Invoices or Transaction tabs which makes it more convenient for your billing managers and administrators.

  • Customer > Transactions > Add Transaction >  Select the needed plan

  • Customer>Invoices>Add one-time invoice> Click on a flag icon to apply the one-time service.

Splynx also has a powerful recurring billing engine that is fully customizable to suit the needs of every provider. Check this out here.

Should you have any questions or further information is needed, please contact us or schedule a call with our engineer.