IntegraPay payments processing in Splynx

Every business needs to get paid. Now Australian, New Zealand WISPs can process recurring billing by Direct Debit or take credit card payments online through IntegraPay using Splynx software. For more information about supported payment systems, please check out the article here. IntegraPay is a Splynx add-on. It uses to synchronize customers, invoices and payments […]

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Custom prepaid billing and one-time services

Customer orientation is the key objective for Splynx company as we continuously adding features that our customers request. Starting from v.2.3 our billing engine becomes more powerful and flexible for any ISP.  It is possible to charge customers daily, monthly or by any set period with the custom prepaid plans. Let’s imagine that we need […]

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Splynx API

The bigger business, the bigger amount of customizations and integrations it requires. Splynx provides an easy way to create additional modules or integrate it with 3rd-party software solutions. Our system is a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (API), which is why we call it a Framework. For administrators, this means almost unlimited […]

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