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What is Splynx?

Splynx is an ISP billing software framework created for Internet service providers and network administrators.

Splynx provides many useful functions such as billing, invoicing, central configuration and monitoring of equipment, hotspot billing, client portals, and much more.

The main advantage of Splynx is how the system can be customized – Splynx provides an easy way to create additional modules or integrate it with 3rd-party software solutions. This can be achieved thanks to the system design. Splynx is a powerful set of modules and open application interfaces (API), which is why we call it a Framework. For administrators, this means almost unlimited possibilities of customizing the software.

How can we benefit from Splynx?

We provide fully customizable platform covering important parts of the business for our ISP customers without installing any extra software. Our company keeps the pace of the latest technologies to improve the platform to help our customers become high-end companies.

You will be able to manage or monitor your network, bill your customers, track all your equipment in the inventory and much more in one place.

How to get started?

It is easy to get started with Splynx

  1. Request license: https://splynx.com/get-started/
  2. Install Splynx ISP Framework: https://splynx.com/install/
  3. Our engineers will help you with integration.

What is included in the license:

– Full setup and configuration

– Integration project for deploying Splynx in client’s network

– Technical Support – working days, 9-21:00 Central European Time

– Frequent Software Updates

– Training for customer’s team members

– A full description of API structure and assistance in building custom modules

Can I import my existing data into Splynx?

Yes, you are able to import your existing database into Splynx using our import feature. Our engineers will assist you with this process to make it effortless for you.

How do you count license subscribers?

We count only your active subscribers. Customers that are in the inactive or blocked state will not be counted.

Do you provide a perpetual license?

No, we provide a subscription-based license with a quarter or annual payments.

What are system requirements for the Splynx server?


  • CPU: 2 cores and more
  • CPU Core speed: 2400 Mhz or more
  • Memory: 1 GB or more
  • HDD: 32 GB or more
  • Network interface: 1 or more

Virtual machines supported: VMWare, XEN, KVM, Hyper-V

Splynx Isp Framework can’t work on OpenVZ containers.

The system is successfully tested on these cloud services:

DigitalOcean (can be used in production)


OS Linux: Debian 8, or 9 or Ubuntu (16.04) , PHP 5.6, 7.0, MySQL server

SSL Certificate


Do you have an API?

Yes, Splynx, has a full REST API and multiple webhooks. Please follow the link to check it out.

What equipment/routers does Splynx support?

Splynx supports different router models from different producers. Below are configuration tutorials for vendors that are used most often:

Cisco routers

Juniper routers

Mikrotik routers

Ubiquiti Edge routers

How to backup my Splynx server?

Once you install splynx-remote-support add-on encrypted backups will be made every 6 hours, and in case of any hardware failure or data inaccessibility, we will be able to restore your data from the backup copy.

Please, follow the link to check the short guide: https://github.com/splynx/docs/blob/headers/files/en/online_backups/online_backups.md

My license is too old.

Check the connection to our server license.splynx.com, try to ping it, if that doesn’t work – check your connection.  Please, let us know if the following did not help you.

How does the billing engine works?

Billing is divided into 2 types recurring and prepaid (monthly/daily).

Recurring billing is the best solution for ISP charging the customer a fixed price on a recurring basis typically at the beginning of the billing cycle. Recurring type of billing is set by default in Splynx global configuration.

Recurring Invoices can be issued every month in advance (Prepay) or in Postpay Mode. One month in advance means, for example, that 1st of May Splynx will generate invoices for 1-31 of May. Postpay means that Splynx generates invoices on 1st of May for the period of 1-30 of April. Also, you can manually generate the invoices before the billing date.

Prepaid billing is used when ISP charges the customer in advance and provide him access for a certain period of time. When the balance of the customer reaches the set limit, he is disconnected. Splynx calculates the daily rate of the plan and charges user every day.

What billing types are supported?

Splynx’s billing engine allows you to set up recurring or prepaid type of billing. 

How does voice billing engine works?

Splynx ISP framework has useful feature to rate phone calls, messages, data and charge customer for voice services. System allows to rate VoIP (Voice over IP) calls, LTE data transfers or work with full mobile phone services that include calls, messages and data.

Splynx voice billing engine allows:

-Process Customer rating and Provider rating;

-Define Voice plans

-Process CDRs

-Store statistics

-Invoice customers

You can check the detailed info on our site or check the video

Which payment systems does Splynx support?

→ Authorize.net

→ Bitpay, bitcoin payments

→ Braintree payments

→ Gocardless.com

→ Paypal payments

→ Paypal rb (recurring billing) payments

→ Payfast.co.za payments

→ SEPA debit orders

→ SEPA debit order in Spanish

→ Stripe

→ IPpay

→ Pesapal

→ Paystack

→ Wepay (recurring billing) payments

→ SagePay Pay now

→ SagePay Direct Debit

→ Moneris (recurring billing) payments

→ Mercadopago

→ Paynow

→ Safaricom M-PESA

→ Integrapay

Invoices are not created automatically.

Check the configuration: Config >> Finance >> Automation, enable automatic issuing. By the default, confirmation days are set to 3, which mean that in 3 days before the billing date invoices will be automatically created if you want to create them without confirmation, change it to 0. 

How to set a speed limitation with Mikrotik API?

Queues for speed limitation on Mikrotik RoutersOS could be created by Splynx using API.

To set it up, Mikrotik API should be enabled on the router and in Splynx router settings.

Please follow the step-by-step guide with screenshots: https://doc.splynx.com/display/SPL/Mikrotik+queue+speed+limits

Can I pay monthly for the license?

Unfortunately, no. You can pay either quarterly or annually.

Do you help with integration/deployment?

Yes, we have highly qualified engineers that can help you with deployment remotely and provide you with a consultation and recommendations about your network. 

How do I change the logo for admin and portal?

It’s possible to change the logo in the admin page and also in the customer portal.

First of all upload your Logo tin Splynx admin panel in section: Config -> File Manager. Click ‘Info’ button next to it to copy templates link from it, for example, it can be <img src=”/uploads/logo.png”>

To change logo go to Config / Main / Preferences. There you will see the section for Admin and Customer Portal