Splynx Changelog, version 1.3

Description of versioning : 1.3.2400
1 – main release
3 – stable version release
2400 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt-get update && apt-get install splynx

Version 1.3 was launched July 26, 2017

New features in 1.3 version:
Customers: Tariff plan changing from Customer Portal
Customers: CPE management – Mikrotik CPE control over API
Customers: CPE management – provisioning tool
Customers: CPE management – WLAN, DHCP and QoS management
Customers: CPE management – blocking of users via pushing API rules
Customers: FCC 477 form generation add-on
Finance: Authorize.net Credit Card processing
Finance: IPPay Credit Card processing
Finance: Bitpay Payment Gateway
Finance: Payfast.co.za Payment Gateway + Credit card processing
Finance: Gocardless Platform Integration for bank debit orders
Finance: Quickbooks Accounting Integration
Finance: Xero Accounting Integration
Finance: Stripe online payments + Credit card processing
Finance: Ofipro – Spanish Accounting  Integration
System: Capped system implemented to Radius and Mikrotk API accounting
System: Capping of monthly traffic, Data Rollover, Capped Plans and Cap Notifications
System: Manual Top-up for administrators
System: Top-up from Customer Portal
System: Auto Top-up for Capped Plans
System: Complete redesign of Administration and Configuration parts of the system
System: Webhooks Integration – allows to sync information with third-party software on the fly
System: Baicells LTE Platform Integration
System: Sending of Invoices, Proforma Invoices, Payments via notifications. Reminders are separated from first sending of the Invoice.

Major changes in 1.3:
Customers: Payment Accounts added to customers – used by all Payment Gateways
Customers: FUP Information to Statistics inside Customer Portal
Customers: Stopped status added to services (used a lot in Prepaid)
Finance: Prepaid billing: show how many days left until the end of service
Finance: Prepaid billing: 3 notifications added
Finance: Save finance preview in a future for recurring billing. Allows to charge customers in advance, for example, 24th of May for service in June
System: RabbitMQ processing jobs – used for Webhooks
System: Default customer type selection – Recurring or Prepaid
System: Encrypted field type in configs added
System: Disable login change inside the system (configurable option)
System: Dashboard optimisation
System: Authentication via API IP Firewall added support of additional networks
System: New ajax loading progress bar

Fixes in 1.3 version:
Added to dependency to freeradius-utils, in some cases ubuntu didn’t install the client
Ohp-xml added to dependency
Disable check CDR file when select external handler
Replacement of mcrypt by openssl in the whole system, Mcrypt is not supported in PHP7
Log rotate system added, possible to configure now
Statically assign IP-address from pool is possible now. Need to be enabled in configuration
FUP reset date (monthly) by config – possible to define when to reset the monthly or weekly FUP data.
SMS and Mail sending expiration period added
Optimisation of password reset in Customer Portal
Ubuntu 16.10 support
German language added, fixed Spanish translations
Delete apache2 support from Splynx, Splynx runs on Nginx web server
API: Send customers and financial documents by API
API: Config / Templates added to API
API: Possibility to get monitoring graphs via API
Date range in Сustomers Search Optimizations
Administration – Splynx – License – Reload – Splynx license can be updated from web
Possibility to use Payment Types in API
Added different Date Formats
Fixing of Searching Customers by name or ID
Tickets information: small tuning of HTML view

Changelog of version 1.2 is available here – https://splynx.com/changelog-1-2/

Changelog of version 1.1 is available here – https://splynx.com/changelog-1-1/