Splynx Changelog, version 3.0

Splynx Changelog, version 3.0

Release version: 3.0.5265
3 – main release
0 – stable version release
5265– commit version

To update to the latest version, run the following commands in Linux shell:
wget -qO- https://deb.splynx.com/setup_3_0 | bash –
apt-get dist-upgrade

Version 3.0 was launched on 07.03.2020

A total of 737 issues/tasks were processed in version 3.0. 358 of issues were related to bug fixes
Release 3.0 was closed and covered by 5275 commits.

New features in version 3.0:

CRM: Added a sign-up form for the CRM lead creation with a selected tariff. This form can be configured per Partner as well as other variables.

Tariffs: Added the feature to initiate mass changes of services (plans).
Tariffs: Added a grace period for prepaid plans. When the Grace period is reached, the user goes into an “Inactive” state and the services are changed to a “Stopped” state.

Portal: Added per partner settings for Portal in the config module.

Tickets: Tickets auto-assignment with the use of tasks. This allows auto-assigning tickets only to administrators who are currently available according to tasks created.
Tickets: Added feature – automation rules after “last changes”, like status, priority changes, etc.
Tickets: Added a Partners filter to Ticket filters.
Tickets: Added a new filter ‘Assigned’ to the top menu and the ability to save filter’s state in local storage.
Tickets: Added multiple ticket inboxes. One admin can have multiple mailboxes and add separate settings for the incoming tasks from these boxes like group, priority and type.
Tickets: Recipients were moved to the Ticket section and permissions have been added for them.
Tickets: Ability to edit individual Messages in Tickets.
Tickets: Added tickets automation: set automatic actions for tickets if no action has been taken within a specific period, like changing the priority, closing the ticket, etc.
Tickets: Added shareable links for tickets. It is now possible to display answers on tickets for leads and unregistered users.

Finance: Developed and deployed full Xero accounting integration addon.
Finance: Added a new auto top-up invoice option. If this option is enabled and an auto top-up is performed, the user will receive an invoice.
Finance: Added a Pending status to bank statements. This status is used when waiting for confirmation after making a request to the payment system.
Finance: Added credit note logic – auto-pay invoices from the user account balance.
Finance: Added the ability to delete invoices as well as corresponding transactions simultaneously.
Finance: Added the ability to add taxes in the company config and to choose between taxes from a list.

Inventory: Added an inventory sold items report.

Networking: Added the ability to use a static IP from the IPv4 pool by default.
Networking: Added IPv6 IP management. This allows adding IPv6 networks and subnetworks, as well as using IPv6 addressing in services.
Networking: Added a search function to IPv4 Networks using the following parameters: IP, used, used by, title, hostname, location, host category, ping result.
Networking: Added the ability to search within configs in Monitoring / Backups.
Networking: Added Live bandwidth usage graphs available for routers via API and customers via Radius authentication (Admin & customer portal)

Radius: Added IPv6 accounting for online sessions and statistics. Special settings and logic for Mikrotik routers

Scheduling: Fully redesigned the task view and improved task functionality.
Scheduling: Mobile app for IOS and Android for installers and task management.
Scheduling: Added new notifications to tasks, like add files, add comments, change tasks, change project, change partner notifications, etc.
Scheduling: Added the ability to create a task from the project with the chosen current project and partner.
Scheduling: New Scheduling dashboard design with the following sections: activity, my tasks section, all task assigned, chart created vs resolved and filters by the project. Added the ability to add a task from the dashboard in the chosen project.
Scheduling: Added new task notifications: status change, priority change, task information change, “scheduled” notifications, work log, comment and attachment added notifications.
Scheduling: Added watchers to tasks – this feature allows adding/deleting watchers from the task and send notifications for watchers about the task changes. Another option of adding an admin as a watcher to the task is in a case where the admin is mentioned in the task comment.
Scheduling: Added a filter function to the Tasks section: “find” filter, period, stage, customer id/lead id, task id, assignee, priority, text search.
Scheduling: New info blocks added in Tickets dashboard: ‘Assigned to me’ and ‘Assigned to administrators’, that allows you to see the current administrator’s tickets and all administrators tickets.
Scheduling: Added the ability to edit and delete default parameters in the config.
Scheduling: Added the ability to stay within a single project when entering it. This allows the user to navigate through tasks, workflows, calendars, maps and archive while remaining within the selected project.
Scheduling: Added a timer in the tasks that allows start/stop/pause the work log.

Voice: Improved the voice module (auto processing CDR) – show warnings, preview with errors, remove warnings from the import, show error per file and reprocess them, split auto cdr files by folders, change the status of deleted files which does not exist in the FTP server.

Config: Added a separate Google API key option for geocoding under Config / Main / Preferences.
Config: Added a new item Accounting (tax rates) to the config for mapping taxes in accounting add-ons.
Config: Added the ability to choose a currency from the list in the config.
Config: Added a new item to Accounting config (bank accounts), for exporting payments to accounting add-ons.
Config: Added the ability to add more than one header in the mail config.
Config: Added base roles for creating new admins. You can now add new admins with standard permissions for the role.
Config: Added a search function in the Config.
Config: Updated email templates.

System: Added server-side search.
System: Improved UI file uploader, looking through files, loading a few files, deleting uploaded files.
System: Changed generate password icon and added a new show password icon.
System: Added the ability to configure a unit measure for usage statistics (Mb, Gb) and displaying it on the admin as well as the customer portal.
System: Added a setting for auto password generation to config – the number of characters and the characters available to use for generating passwords. All characters are used by default.
System: Added new permissions for the following sections – services, tariff plans, finance, networking, customers, tickets, tasks, inventory, CRM, etc.

API: New API calls added to the API documentation.
Mikrotik API: Added blocking rules to Mikrotik routers. Rules are editable under Config / Networking / Mikrotik API


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