Splynx Changelog, version 2.3

Description of versioning : 2.3.8210
2 – main release
3 – stable version release
8210 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt update && apt dist-upgrade

Version 2.3 was launched 15.07.2019

A total of 1125 issues/tasks were open in 2.3 development.
It was closed and covered by 8210 commits.

Please note that in 2.3 version is changed the way how active customers are counted.
One active customer is limited to 4 active services. In case when subscriber has 5th service, the new active subscriber is counted to the license.
GPON addon counts active subscribers separately. If active subscriber has a GPON Huawei provisioning service, he is counted as 2 subscribers.
Hotspot online vouchers are counted as active customers. It means DB can have 10K vouchers, if 100 hotspot users are online at the same time, then 100 subscription license is required.

New features in version 2.3
API: API version 2.0 introduced with support for mobile technologies.
Billing: One time tariffs introduced (can be used for installation material, work etc.)
Billing: Selection of the service added to invoice creation, now it’s possible to choose from recurring or one time sercvice selection.
Billing: Support of CAP bonuses – feature that allows to count off-peak and on-peak data independently.
Billing: Accounting systems general support – added syncronization database and sub system for 3rd party accounting platforms.
Billing: Full integration with accounting platform Holded.com.
Billing: New invoice templates with option to change colour scheme.
Billing: Categories of all transactions. Used in accounting integrations, allows to allocate accounting code to any transaction in splynx.
Billing: Next months box with prediction of recurring revenue added to financial dashboard.
CRM: New section with CRM features – concept of leads, quotes and deals.
CRM: Adding new lead instead of customer for client that is not yet connected and billed. Quotation of the lead and converting lead to customer with defined recurring services.
Inventory: Ability to add new item without entering invoices of suppliers
Inventory: Multiple stock locations introduced
Finance: Dashboard with new charts – monthly income, top payers and debtors, monthly recurring revenue and ARPU.
Finance: Report for new services added, showing new customers connected for selected period and amount of their payments.
Networking: Networking equipment backup tool. Supports any equipment with SSH connection. Connects to devices, grabs configuration and store them on server or in git repository.
Networking: Backup tool visualisation – displaying of differences in versions of the configs.
Networking: Support of multiple CPE per customer
Networking: Radius server hooks, allows to react on action that happens in Radius server.
Maps: Support of Open Street maps and Google maps. Possible to choose in configuration.
Maps: Added routers, sectors and services to the maps
Mobile: Splynx mobile customer portal introduced. Available in Google play and Apple store from July 2019.
Tickets: Tickets are moved under independent menu because of it’s complexity.
Tickets: Dashboard shows amount of tickets per status, weekly history of open, resolved and reopen tickets and history of communication.
Tickets: Incoming and outgoing full email integrations with tickets.
Tickets: Major UX changes in ticketing platform in display of messages threads and writing replies.
Tickets: Major UX changes in table of tickets. Displaying tickets in compact table and advanced views.
Scheduling: Task management with ability to define project, statuses, stages and workflows.
Scheduling: Native calendars that are ready for future integration with 3rd party calendar plaforms
Scheduling: Workflow board view with drag and drop option.
System: Activity of customers and administrators.
System: UX major changes in displaying of activies and notes inside customers.
System: Mass actions added to the system.
System: Avatars and pictures added to administrator’s profile settings.
System: Login as customer to client portal from administrative access.
System: Welcome messages email and SMS feature.
System: Basic configuration of parameters for first time installation.
System: Database server side optimisation. System is scalable for up to 1 mil. subscribers in the database.
System: Ubuntu 14.04, Debian 8 is not officially supported.
Voice: Downloading and processing files over FTP or SFTP connections. Strong multithread connector that allows to connect to any PBX system that supports FTP.
Voice: Automation of FTP processing, can schedule a run processing in selected intervals.
Voice: Recognition, displaying and reprocessing of errors that occurred during connection to PBX.
Voice: Optimised voice prefixes and rates loading

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