Splynx Changelog, version 2.2

Description of versioning : 2.2.1458
2 – main release
2 – stable version release
1458 – commit version

To update the version please run commands in linux shell: apt update && apt dist-upgrade

Version 2.2 was launched 06.09.2018

In total we had 232 issues/tasks that were open in 2.2 development.
It was closed and covered by 1458 commits.

New features in version 2.2
Billing: Definition of different billing period per service
Billing: Auto Charge filters. Ability to auto charge customer’s bank/online accounts, without clicking “Charge” button.
Billing: FUP notifications. Similar to existing CAP notifications, added to Fair User policy part.
Billing: Daily prepaid billing improvements – displaying of days when customer will get blocked, auto start/stop from portal.
Billing: Finance/Preview per partner introduced
Billing: Added blocking notifications for prepaid customers
Billing: Concept of multiple discounts to services and bundles
Radius: Ubiquiti Radius accounting support
Radius: Support of IP assignment based on NAS. Customer connects to selected NAS will get IPs from NAS’s pools.
Radius: Advanced Radius settings moved to GUI configuration
Radius: DHCP option 82 support for Infinet and Cambium networks (Agent-remote-id and Cirquit-remote-id)
Radius: Radius accounting proxy mode introduced
System: Added templates to monitoring notifications
System: Added ability to work with /32 networks in IPAM
System: Internal documentation added to the system, will be filled and updated in next version
Reports: Financial report added – per customer and per plan overview of the Debit/Credit balance.
Reports: Future charge report added – shows predicted amount that customers will be charges in future.
Reports: Statement reports – accounting overview of transactions/invoices/payments per client
Reports: New services report – shows services that were added to customers during selected period.
Reports: Tax report – calculates the VAT and other taxes that should be paid
Reports: Blocked customers report displays history of customer blocking – when, who and why was blocked
Reports: Daily receipt report shows all the payments received by the company including timestamp and administrator’s name who processed the payment.

Fixes and changes
API: Tariff bundles available via API
API: MAC address length in API fixed
API: API access for transaction categories
API: Access to Cap Tariff from api. FUP limits definitions though API.
API: Added statuses of services, additional discounts
Billing: Finance/History and Preview tune – background processing, progress bar, optimization
Billing: Finance/History and Preview – CSV export available now
Billing: Inventory with deleted customers fixed. When customer was deleted, his equipment was “locked”, not returned or deleted.
System: Review monitoring / RRD charts. Fixed displaying of data usage charts (weekly, monthly, yearly).
System: Improvements on webhooks
System: Fixed administrative permissions for simple modules
System: Removed custom services from statistics
System: Changes in wording – “deposit” changed to Account balance everywhere in the system
System: Admin reset password via email and SMS
System: Move to background processing work – History and preview, CDR processing, confirmation of invoices and similar.
System: Fixed permission issues, when some admins where not able to download preview
System: Simple Queue Tree applying to IPv6 addresses. Possible to set additional field and Splynx will set the target (ipv6)
Voice: Optimised voice prefixes processing.
Voice: Voice history filter
and around 100 other smaller bugs/issues were fixed

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